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Signature Loans

If you’re hoping to take out an unsecured loan it would be a good idea to compare loans from a range of different lenders – by shopping around you stand a better chance of finding a suitable personal loan at a competitive interest rate.


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Compare signature loans from UK lenders

A signature loan may be a suitable option if you need to borrow money but don’t have a house to use as collateral – or you do have a house but you would rather not use it against a secured loan.

As the name suggests, signature loans are simply unsecured loans that require little more than your signature in order to apply. The lender will need to check your credit history and outstanding debt obligations, of course, but they can largely do those checks automatically by interogating the database of credit rating agencies, which means the main requirement from you will be your signature on that dotted line (or your virtual signature if you’re applying for the loan online).

Are signature loans an option for borrowers with bad credit?

Signature loans are ideal for borrowers with good credit histories and no missed debt repayments, because those borrowers are easier for the lender when it comes to making a lending decision. However, that doesn’t mean borrowers with bad credit histories can’t take out signature loans. In fact, now that the vast majority of credit checks happen automatically, many consumers with less than perfect credit histories are able to take out an unsecured loan with little more than their signature as well.