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Cheap Nissan Pulsar Car Finance Options

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Nissan Pulsar Finance

Compare Cheap Nissan Pulsar Finance Options

In production since 1978 the Nissan Pulsar, also referred to as the Nissan Almera, has gone from strength to strength. With numerous redesigns and rebranding, the Pulsar has endured to become a popular choice with drivers all over the world. With this popularity has naturally come a lot of demand as drivers seek to secure themselves one of these popular models. However the price tag of a new car, regardless of it’s affordability is still likely to make a dent in most peoples savings accounts. Car finance can be a valuable alternative to simply paying for a new car outright. That’s why Quotezone.co.uk has teamed up with Magnitude Finance, to take all the hassle out of finding the right finance deal for your new Pulsar. Who are Magnitude Finance?  They are a UK business that has been helping people get the cars of their dreams for over 30 years and have arranged over £500 million of loans each year. No matter what deal you are searching for, we are here to help you with your car finance comparison.

Getting a Nissan Pulsar on a car finance plan

There are a variety of ways you may choose to finance a new Nissan Pulsar in the UK. The method you choose will depend on your own personal preference as well as what your lender deems an appropriate plan. When it comes to deciding on the best method for you, think about factors such as the term length as well as the interest rate. This will give you a good idea around how much you’ll pay overall when the finance plan comes to its end.

  • Hire Purchase (HP) – With hire purchase you’ll make regular payments over a typical fixed period of 1 to 5 years or 12 to 60 months. With this finance option, the owner of the car will be the financer until such time as the final payment is made and ownership is transferred to you the borrower. Therefore if you miss payments, you could lose the car. This option is most popular with those seeking to own the car at the end of the finance term.
  • Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) – This popular method of finance involves you making regular repayments over a fixed period of time but instead of buying the car you are essentially renting it. You will have the option to purchase the car for the remaining amount, commonly known as the balloon amount, after the end of the fixed period or simply return it to the lender.
  • Personal Loans – This type of finance involves you borrowing a lump sum of cash for the purchase of a car and then you will make regular payments over the fixed term until the loan is repaid. 
  • Lease – A lease works in a similar way to PCP where you essentially rent a car for a fixed period of time whilst making regular payments. After the end of the lease you’ll return the car to the financer.

Always do your research on potential car finance plans as not confirming them can lead to you taking out a plan which you are not fully informed on.

What are some ways I can save on my car finance?

There are a variety of ways in which you can reduce the cost of a potential car finance plan. These steps are simple to implement but will require dedication to fully benefit from. Below are a list of some practical tips on how to keep the cost of your car finance down.

  • Elect to pay a larger deposit – By paying a larger deposit you can effectively reduce the amount of money you borrow on your loan. The typical deposit for car finance is 10% but increasing this to 20% or 25% can effectively reduce the total amount borrowed and reduce the amount of interest you’ll end up paying overall.
  • Choose a plan with a shorter loan term – Opting for a shorter loan term will reduce the amount of months you spend paying interest, this will ultimately mean you end up saving money in the long run compared to a more prolonged plan.
  • Get and maintain a good credit score – Having and maintaining a good credit score is crucial for securing the best car finance offers. Whilst a bad credit rating is not an automatic bar to accessing a car finance plan, it can make it more difficult and you’ll likely be charged a higher interest rate. Having a good credit score will also open doors to many other types on finance products such as mortgages and personal loans.

Always read the T&Cs of any potential policy before agreeing to a finance plan.

Do I need to have a good credit score to get car finance?

Whilst getting car finance will certainly be more difficult with a poorer credit score, it isn’t impossible. You may struggle to secure a favourable offer from lenders, however Quotezone.co.uk has teamed up with Magnitude Finance to make getting the right car finance plan for you more easy than ever. Simply enter a few basic details and you’re away.

Some things you should consider before taking out

Taking out a car finance plan may not be the right move for everybody, however if you could benefit from financing a Pulsar then here are some things you should consider. You should consider the term length of your proposed finance plan along with the interest rate. These factors will determine the overall cost of your finance plan and from there you will be able to assess your affordability for the proposed plan.

  • Term Length
  • Affordability
  • Interest rate

You should always check the policy documentation of any potential car finance plan and don’t be afraid to negotiate with a lender for a better interest rate, particularly if you have a good credit score.

How hard is it to get finance on a Nissan Pulsar?

This will come down to your own personal circumstances as well as how risky the lender views making a loan to you. As previously mentioned having a poorer credit score is not an automatic bar to obtaining car finance but it can make it more difficult. Luckily Quotezone’s partnership with Magnitude Finance is here to help take out the hassle in getting a car finance plan that works for you.

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