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Sell My Mercedes B Class

Sell Your Mercedes B Class

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  • Free vehicle valuation, with no obligation

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Sell My Mercedes B Class

Sell your Mercedes B Class by comparing quotes from dealers across the UK

It can be difficult to sell a second-hand car. It usually involves having to write classified ads and attract buyers, which can be a stressful and long-winded process.

Here at Sell My Car, you can quickly and easily use our site to get offers from dealers throughout the UK. Our tool can help you with a rough price estimate for your car and find dealers willing to pay the highest amount for your vehicle.


How much is a Mercedes B Class worth?

The exact value of your Mercedes B Class will be dependent on the age, mileage, and condition of your car, as well as its model. To get an estimate of how much your car could sell for, use our handy tool.


How long does it take to sell my car online?

Selling your car online can be much quicker than selling it yourself. You can get an estimate and offers almost straight away, and you can even have the sale finalised within 24 hours. The process is quick regardless of what type of vehicle you are trying to sell, whether it’s a Mercedes B Class, a Peugeot 208, or a Tesla Model 9.


How do I sell my car online?

You can sell a Mercedes B Class very easily using our tool. Simply input your car registration and details, as well as your personal details, to get an estimate for the value. After this, you can get quotes from UK dealers and select a sale price you are happy with. Then, just follow the prompts on-screen.


Can I sell a car that is damaged?

Many dealers will buy vehicles that have been damaged. You should always make sure that you properly report damage when prompted if you are trying to sell a vehicle. If a car is damaged further before you sell it, you should update the information to reflect this. Damage to the vehicle may lower the price.


Will my car have held its value?

Most cars depreciate, though as luxury cars, Mercedes vehicles sometimes depreciate less. This means that it can be hard to make sure you are getting the best price possible for your car.


What is the best place to sell my car?

Selling a car can be much quicker and simpler if you compare offers from different dealers. This helps you see what price you can get and find a great deal. This can also save you time.


Can I get part exchange when I sell my car online?

You can usually only get part exchange from the dealership where you are planning to buy a new vehicle. However, comparing car sale quote offers can help you find a better deal, which can mean more money for your new car.

*Based on a survey of 2,079 customers who sold their car on Motorway between 1st March and 22nd July 2021, analysed and independently verified by Blue Yonder Research in August 2021. 42% of consumers achieved £1,000 or more with Motorway than their initial quote from other companies.