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Sell My Subaru Online

Sell your Subaru fast and get great offers from trusted dealers throughout the UK

Are you looking to sell a Subaru but want to avoid the stress and difficulty of making adverts, finding buyers, and arranging viewings? It can take a long time to sell a car, and it can be a challenge to make sure you are getting a great deal.

Here at Sell My Car, we offer a quick and easy way for you to sell any type of car, from a Subaru to a Mini to a Ford. First, input your car details to get a quick price guide for your car. If you’re happy with the price estimate, continue to get offers from our network of over 5000 UK dealers. Then you can compare offers to make sure you get a good price for your car.

Why is Subaru resale value so high?

Subaru cars are popular vehicles that are known for their reliability and comfort. This can help them retain their value. However, you should be aware that all cars will lose some of their value over time, meaning that comparing offers is a great way to get a good deal when selling a used car.

Where is the best place to sell a vehicle?

Comparing price offers from multiple dealers is a great way to make sure that you are getting a good deal when you sell your car. This means that you can avoid accepting any offers that are below the market value for your vehicle.

Is selling your car a good idea?

There are plenty of good reasons to sell your car. If you want a new vehicle or want to change the type of car you have, you might want to sell your car to get money to put towards your new car.


Which Subaru models hold their value best?

While all cars will depreciate in value to some extent, this will happen at different rates for different cars. Larger Subaru vehicles are likely to have held their value better.

What is the resale value of a Subaru?

The depreciation of Subaru’s can vary around 10% deprecation every two years for the first four to six years. After this the depreciation will be exponential. Subaru’s have a high resale value so if you are thinking of selling yours you won’t need to worry about depreciation as much as with other cars.

Are Subaru’s good for resale?

Absolutely,  Subaru’s hold their value very well in comparison with many other makes

What percentage of Subarus are still on the road after 10 years?

96% of Subaru brand vehicles that have been sold in the past decade are still on the road.

Can I sell my car without an MOT?

Yes, you do not have to get an MOT for your car before you sell it. Some dealers may not want to purchase cars without an MOT, but there are plenty of dealers who will make offers on these cars.

Can I trade in a car that is still under finance?

You cannot sell a car when it is still under finance. This is because you will not own the car until the finance deal has been fully paid off. You might be able to arrange a settlement of the debt with your car lender if you want to sell the car early.

How much is my Subaru worth?

The price for your Subaru will depend on the model, specifications, and condition. You can use our handy tool to get a quick estimate of how much your car could be worth.


Here at Quotezone, we’ve teamed up with Motorway so you can now sell your car online without hassle. We offer valuation and sales services for all makes of cars including Volkswagen, Mazda, FordVolvo, Ferrari, Tesla, Honda, and more. Get your free car valuation today and find out how much your car is worth.

*Based on a survey of 2,079 customers who sold their car on Motorway between 1st March and 22nd July 2021, analysed and independently verified by Blue Yonder Research in August 2021. 42% of consumers achieved £1,000 or more with Motorway than their initial quote from other companies.