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Pre-Existing Medical Conditions Pet Insurance

It can be challenging to find insurance coverage for pets that have pre-existing health conditions or previous injuries that may require ongoing treatment. To make it easier to find a suitable policy, we have compiled a list of insurance providers who may be able to offer coverage for pets with pre-existing conditions. However, it’s important to carefully review the terms of each policy, as each insurer may have different requirements and exclusions..

Pet insurance

✔️ PET AGE: 0-10 years at inception
ℹ️ ANNUAL VET FEES: Maximum £8,000

We've accepted thousands of dogs with pre existing conditions.
Instant decision online. Cover in full from day 1. No charge for paying monthly.

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✔️ PET AGE: No age limit
ℹ️ ANNUAL VET FEES: Maximum £15,000

Award-winning insurance with no compulsory excess or bill share as your pet ages.
Cover up to eight cats and dogs with individual limits to suit each pet.

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Pet Insurance with pre-existing medical conditions

Insuring a pet that has a pre-existing condition can be difficult. Even when you find a policy, they often tend to be quite expensive. So, what should you look for when comparing pet insurance for pre-existing conditions to ensure you get a good deal?

What are pet insurance pre-existing conditions?

When it comes to pet insurance a pre-existing condition is any illness or disease that your pet has already been diagnosed with at the time of taking out that particular insurance policy. It could be anything from cancer to a long-term eye or dental problem. Each insurer has its own definition of what pre-existing conditions are and whether or not they will cover or exclude those existing conditions from coverage.

How does a pet insurance company know about pre-existing conditions?

Insurers will check your pet's medical records and determine what pre-existing conditions your pet is suffering from. It's best to be entirely honest as any withheld information could result in your policy being void.

Which pet insurance companies cover pre-existing conditions?

Many insurers won't cover your pet for pre-existing conditions as the risk of a claim is too high. However Quotezone.co.uk can connect you to specialist providers so you can find the right cover for your pet.

Can I insure my pet if they have a pre-existing condition?

Yes, though you may have a harder time finding a good policy. Many insurers won’t offer this type of cover. This is because it is deemed highly likely you’ll need to start claiming right away. Like any type of insurer, specialist pet insurance providers don’t want to pay out if they don’t have to.

What happens if I don’t declare a pre-existing condition?

If you don’t declare a pre-existing condition, your policy could end up being terminated. It won’t take long for the insurer to realise your pet has a pre-existing condition. For this reason, you should always state if your pet has a pre-existing condition on your application.

How can I find a quote for pet insurance with pre-existing conditions?

Finding a fair quote for pet insurance with pre-existing conditions isn’t easy. However, there are some specialist pet insurance providers that specialise in insuring pets with existing conditions, and we can connect you with some of these specialists.

Will existing condition pet insurance cost more?

Yes, pet insurance will cost you more if it covers a chronic condition that your pet already had before you took out the policy. This is because the insurer knows you may need to claim to cover the cost of the pre-existing condition.

What types of pre-existing condition insurance can I take out?

You can take out the same type of insurance for a pre-existing condition as you can for standard pet insurance. Your options include time limited, lifetime, and accident only cover.

Are there things I can do to lower the cost of my pre-existing condition pet insurance?

Sadly, there isn’t much you can do to lower your quote for pre-existing condition pet insurance, other than agreeing to take out a policy that specifically excludes those existing conditions from coverage.

If you do opt for a policy where the conditions are excluded then you won't be able to claim on your insurance for an veterinary fees relating to those conditions, but you will be covered if your pet develops new conditions or you have to claim for something else entirely, such as an injury.