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Turbulent weather creates a storm


Homeowners and motorists are being urged to prepare as we head into storm season.

Car and home insurance comparison experts from Quotezone.co.uk are urging households to prepare where possible and be aware of what their insurance policies do and don’t cover when protecting their home and car.

Insurance companies were paying £473 million just to cover the damages caused by storms Dudley, Eunice, and Franklin in February last year, and the extreme temperatures in summer and winter led to an even greater surge in insurance claims for subsidence and frozen pipes.*

Experts warn some car insurance policies include clauses advising policyholders not to drive through flooded roads, and may specifically exclude from coverage any water damage to the car if the motorist goes against this advice.

Weather-related risks play a crucial role in assessing insurance premiums because they can cause significant damage to both cars and homes. 

Those who haven’t declared their location accurately could be invalidating their home insurance policy without realising.  Although a standard home insurance policy usually covers loss or damage from storms or floods, any residents with homes located within 400 metres of a river, stream or coastline could be classed as a ‘flood-risk property’ and need to inform their insurance provider to ensure they are covered.

Many insurance providers do take anti-flood doors and other permanent flood defence features into account when calculating insurance premiums – provided they meet the appropriate industry standards and have been installed by an industry professional.

Now is the time for policyholders to be aware of the legalities, keep their insurer up to date and help protect both their home and car.

Greg Wilson, insurance comparison expert and Founder of Quotezone.co.uk, said: “Preparing for a storm normally consists of anchoring the bins and tying down garden furniture but it’s equally as important to make sure your finances are safeguarded. 

“Ahead of a storm, drivers and homeowners need to make sure they understand their insurance policies and are covered for everything they need to protect.  Our most recent survey showed 39% of people don’t read their insurance terms and conditions** – this is vital to ensure you’re protected and could even create savings.

“Some car insurance providers include terms which state motorists must not drive through flooded roads, rendering the policy invalid should this be ignored. This is why we are urging drivers to check their policy ahead of storm warnings and turbulent winter weather. 

“Our data suggests more homeowners are trying to find savings by taking out home insurance without contents cover, in a bid to alleviate financial pressure – these short-term solutions can put them at greater financial risk, leaving them unprotected against damage to their belongings, which on average cost £43,000.

“Homeowners should aim to reduce their risks and premiums by understanding their needs, looking around for the best possible deals and checking that they’re not over or underinsured.

“With home insurance it’s always best to be honest with your provider, use the online flood map tool if you’re unsure of the exact distance to nearby rivers and double check your home for any potential issues especially in relation to the colder weather, ensuring gutters are free from debris and pipes have additional insulation.” 

As a price comparison site, Quotezone.co.uk helps millions of people in the UK save millions of pounds every year on bills and personal finance products, it’s never been more important to compare and find savings. 



**Quotezone.co.uk’s findings are based on a randomised survey of 1,200 respondents across the UK during October 2023, which represents a margin of error of approximately 5% at a 95% confidence level.


This article is intended as generic information only and is not intended to apply to anybody’s specific circumstances, demands or needs. The views expressed are not intended to provide any financial service or to give any recommendation or advice. Products and services are only mentioned for illustrative rather than promotional purposes.

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