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Compare company indemnity insurance from UK professional indemnity insurance providers.

Company indemnity insurance provides protection to businesses and consultants who provide advice to other businesses, for example architects, journalists, IT consultants, financial advisors and engineers.

What is company indemnity insurance?

Company indemnity insurance is a form of professional indemnity insurance which can insure your company, small or large, against the costs of negligence or professional misconduct claims. 

Some of the areas which can lead to legal proceedings are:

  • Intellectual property: unintentionally infringing on copyrights, trademarks, broadcasting rights, any act of passing off
  • Negligence: or breach of duty of care
  • Dishonesty: liability arising from the theft of your clients money
  • Loss of data: damaged, stolen or lost data/documents belonging to your clients

Your policy can vary depending on your coverage and industry. It is important to get the right policy for your business needs to avoid potentially disastrous outcomes. PI insurance isn’t a legal requirement and not all businesses will need it. Here are the key indicators that your company will likely need to take out professional liability insurance:

  • You offer a professional service – Offering a professional service can leave you open to potential liability claims
  • If you handle customer data or sensitive information – The risk of breach or data compromisation means you’ll want to be covered against against potential damages.
  • Do you provide advise to clients? – Advise can leave you open to the threat of being sued if the outcome goes wrong or is not what the client was expecting.

Aside from these main points there are also other factors to consider such as if your business is likely to cause property damage to a client if things go wrong. In this case you’ll want to be sure you have some form of protection against these potential costs.

Professional indemnity insurance comparison

With the blame and claim culture that we sometimes live in today, businesses are at risk of being sued for services that they are employed to do. If you are a business who gives advice to clients, it may be a good idea to have financial support and flexible policies which are tailor-made for your specific profession.

Quotezone could help you find professional indemnity insurance with less hassle by getting our panel of UK insurance providers to contact you to discuss their best available policies. Over 3 million users have used Quotezone to get insurance quotes, so join them and see if you could save on your Professional Indemnity Insurance.

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Do I need professional indemnity insurance as a limited company?

The only two insurance types legally required in the UK are currently basic third party car insurance and employers’ liability insurance. As a result you are not legally required to have company indemnity Insurance although it is highly recommended. 

Professional indemnity insurance guide

If a person provides any form of service or advice to clients, they should seriously consider buying professional indemnity insurance. This is a form of insurance that could cover someone for any mistakes or errors they might make when providing their services. The consequences of such errors might be significant, especially financially. That’s why professional indemnity insurance NI is more than likely to be highly recommended for those who provide services or advice to others.

Why is it so important?

If someone make a mistake and provide a client with wrong information, or fails to research the service they are providing in the proper manner, a client could decide to make a claim. This could be even more likely if someone provided information that loses the client money in some way.

In this situation, someone could need legal cover to be able to defend themselves. Thus, if the claim is found to be unwarranted, there may still be legal costs to cover. If the claim is successful, there could be a bill for legal costs as well as the chance of having to pay compensation for the error. All of this could potentially add up to thousands of pounds a bill a person could have to pay if they did not have professional indemnity insurance cover.

What is covered under company indemnity insurance?

You will be covered against the following risks when you decide to take out an indemnity insurance policy for your company. 

  • Professional negligence – If you provide a service which the client claims caused them damage or financial loss, you’ll be able to cover yourself from these costs with your indemnity insurance.
  • Defamation – If you accidently produce or support material or statements which a client holds as defamation.
  • Copyright infringement – If your work leads to your client facing copyright infringement.
  • Property damage – If you damage your clients property whilst providing services or your service results in the damage of the clients damage.
  • Settlements and judgements – This will cover you against any judgement or settlement costs you’re ordered to pay to the claimant.
How common are claims of this nature?

Thankfully, claims are relatively uncommon. However, the consequences of a claim could be severe. Someone may potentially lose their business, their livelihood and their home through footing the bill for such a case.

That’s why many professionals compare professional indemnity insurance policies, to make sure they have the level of cover required. This could be done online, with comparison sites such as Quotezone.co.uk

Quotes may vary wildly in this area, which makes it all the more important to compare those given by different specialist providers.

Who should buy professional indemnity insurance?

If someone is a professional providing some kind of service or advice, they might want to consider getting a policy of this kind. Some professions require those in their field to be members of a particular body or association. In these instances, the body or association may make this form of cover a prerequisite to accepting that person for membership.

However, there are many professions where this is not the case. For example, writers often work as freelancers and take on their own clients. Computer experts and IT professionals may set up their own businesses and offer their services to a wide range of clients. There are consultants of all kinds in a wide variety of businesses, offering advice on marketing, recruitment and more. Accounting is another area where professional advice and services are usually given to clients. There are many other business areas where consultants, advisers and other business people could benefit from having this level of cover.