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Dog Walking Insurance

Public Liability Insurance for Dog Walking

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Dog Walking Public Liability Insurance

Dog walking can be rewarding. You get to walk through beautiful parks with excited animals in tow. Dog walking also lends itself to being social with other dog lovers. Overall it’s a great job to take on. 

Although the benefits of getting outside and into the fresh air are obvious, dog walking can sometimes be challenging. Things can happen where you or any of the dogs you’re walking could get into a sticky situation. 

Dog walking insurance should be a consideration for those who regularly walk dogs. It’s good to have cover for any unforeseen events that could happen while walking dogs. As a busy dog walker, you may not have time to spend phoning around insurers and being put on hold, comparison websites like Quotezone.co.uk can access a wide range of insurers and do the hard work for you. 

Who needs dog walker public liability Insurance?

Public liability insurance for dog walking may seem like overkill, but it is a very sensible insurance for any individual or business that provides dog walking services. 

If you are in the process of building up a business with a team of dog walkers, you’ll want to invest in cover for any unforeseen incidents that may end up costing you your business.

Likewise, a single dog walker should consider taking out some form of public liability insurance since dogs can be unpredictable and unplanned incidents may occur while out and about. 

Is public liability insurance mandatory if I own a dog walking business? 

Public liability insurance for dog walkers is not mandatory in the UK but if you find yourself walking dogs more regularly than just the occasional favour for a friend, it would be a good idea to investigate your options. 

If you’re running a dog walking business and are managing multiple dog walkers, it is strongly recommended that you get sufficient liability cover. Injuries can occur while walking a dog. A dog might become unruly and attack a stranger, or another dog. Multiple scenarios could end badly.

Public liability insurance can give you peace of mind about the well-being of your clients and your dog walkers all at once. Compare quotes from multiple insurers to make sure are not overpaying for this coverage. 

How much is dog walking insurance, on average? 

Dog walker insurance costs can vary depending on a few factors. For instance, the size of your dog walking business will affect the costs as well as the number of dogs you walk at the same time. It is easier to lose control of a group of dogs as opposed to walking just one or two. 

Any add-ons will also drive the annual costs up. Taking out insurance is not only beneficial for the protection it offers, but it simultaneously communicates professionalism to your clients. Also, there may be public parks that require dog walkers to have public liability insurance. 

Do I need £2 million public liability coverage as a dog walker? 

The level of cover you need for being a dog walker depends on your circumstances. Typically, the range of cover for dog walkers is between £1 million and £5 million. 

Insurance for dog walking does not have to break the bank though. If you are an independent dog walker, you can opt for a lower amount of cover which inevitably leads to a lower premium. If however, you’re running a dog-walking business, comprehensive cover would probably be the wiser option. 

The level of coverage you’ll need depends on the risk levels that you are managing. If you’re uncertain, £2 million seems to be a good benchmark when it comes to choosing the amount of cover. 

Consider all of your concerns as a dog walker and make sure to shop around for as many quotes as possible to find the cheapest policies out there that meet your needs. It is easy to find suitable insurance for dog walkers with the help of comparison sites like Quotezone.co.uk.  

Does the size of my business affect the cost of my dog walking liability insurance? 

The size of your dog walking business will certainly influence the cost of your dog walking liability insurance. If you consider the increased risk of managing multiple dog walkers who are potentially minding a group of dogs at the same time, it’s not hard to imagine the exponential possibilities of something going awry. 

A single person walking a dog can pay less for insurance because of the significantly lower risks involved. Aside from walking dogs, a dog walking business often includes transportation of dogs and even pet boarding, all of which increase the risk factor. 

Different insurance companies may offer different prices and may also have their own discounts. Be sure to source multiple quotes to get the cheapest most suitable offer at your disposal. 

What types of risks does liability insurance for dog walkers insure me against? 

Insurance for a dog walking business would typically cover the following areas: 

  • Third-party injuries caused by your business operations 
  • Third-party property damage caused by your business operations 
  • Legal costs in the event of a claim 

These are typical examples of the types of things covered in public liability insurance. For extra cover or additional add-ons that would be useful for your situation, contact your insurance provider for more details. Alternatively, try out an online comparison site like Quotezone.co.uk to find competitive and comprehensive quotes

What are the typical policy exclusions of public liability insurance for dog walkers? 

Liability insurance for dog walkers covers the obvious things like damage to property or third-party injury. Like most other insurances, there are exclusions which you should carefully consider when seeking insurance for your dog walking business. Here is a list of some you may want to think about: 

  • The dog walker is not necessarily covered and may need additional coverage. 
  • Deliberate damage or injury caused by the dog walker will not be covered. 
  • Incidents that happen when the dog is not on the leash or under your firm control. 
  • Transference of disease from animal to animal is usually not covered. 

If any of these situations are of particular concern to you, you may want to consider taking out extra cover to be sure. 

If I specialise in a particular dog breed will this affect my dog walking liability insurance? 

Dogs are all different and some tend to be more aggressive than others. If you specialise in a particular breed that statistically is more prone to causing trouble when out on walks, you may be looking at a higher premium. 

It is very important to give accurate information about the dogs you’re walking when taking out insurance. Failing to do so could jeopardise your payouts in the event of a claim. 

Also, if you’re only walking smaller, non-threatening dogs, you could pay a lower premium, so do be specific with the information you give to the insurance provider.