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How to improve van security


For many tradesmen and companies throughout the UK, vans are an essential part of daily work and operations. Not only do they get you on site but they also typically transport all the tools and equipment essential to your business. Needless to say, having your van compromised by theft or vandalism can have disastrous consequences, which is why considering your van’s security measures should be a top priority along with the appropriate insurance coverage should the worst happen.

How can I improve my van security?

There are a few practical things you can start doing straight away if you have not already started, these include parking your van in a secure location such as a garage or locked car park overnight when not in use. Other practical steps include not leaving windows drawn down when you are away from your van or leaving keys in your van. It is also a good idea to conceal any tools and valuables in your van from the line of sight of passersby as this may act as a temptation for thieves.

Here is Quotezone’s top list of ways to improve van security

  1. Upgrade your locks – Upgrading your van locks can significantly increase the security of your van. This is because your factory standard locks will be more vulnerable to easily available lockpicking tools. By upgrading your van security with a deadlock you can make things considerably more difficult for thieves trying to pick the locks on your van. Slam locks are another good security feature to ask for when upgrading your van locks. Steel plates can also be a good way of preventing thieves from drilling your locks.
  2. Install a tracking system – This is more of a security measure in the event that your van is stolen, however if thieves do take your van – it makes sense that you’ll want police to be able to locate it as soon as possible. A GPS-based tracking system can help you find your stolen van fast for as little as £40 to £50.
  3. Instal alarms and immobilisers – These devices are cheap, simple and effective and they can serve as a great deterrent for theft. In short, thieves don’t like alarms that will draw attention to them. Having an alarm installed can stop a would-be thief in their tracks – particularly if your van is parked in a secure area where the alarm will be heard. If a thief does remain unfazed by your alarm system, an immobiliser will mean they won’t get far even if they do get your van.
  4. Park in a garage – If you have a garage, warehouse, or secure parking area, this can make things more difficult for thieves to get access to your vans overnight.
  5. Don’t advertise on your van – This may be difficult as what business doesn’t want to advertise itself. Whether you decide to follow this advice is mainly down to the risk versus reward, and whether you consider it worth advertising on your van. Advertising is likely to increase your risk of theft and vandalism as whilst it promotes your services and products, it also notifies thieves of what they can expect to find if they break into your van. Due to this, branding and advertisements on the body of your van are likely to incur higher premium costs.

How are thieves breaking into vans?

Vans are tempting targets for thieves, this is because many of them know that there will be valuable tools and equipment stored in them along with possible delivery and courier goods. Most thieves will simply be opportunists and break into vans which catch their eye and they feel they have a chance of successfully breaking into. That is to say that most van thefts are not premeditated.

Most thieves will use whichever option provides them with the most easy access to your van. This can be exploiting a window left half open, a door not properly shut, or even picking a lock. In more extreme cases, thieves may attempt to use more blunt methods such as smashing windows, drilling locks or even peeling back the doors of your van using tools and brute force.

By investing in some extra security measures for your van you can get a better peace of mind that your van will be secure against the threat of theft and you won’t be left out of pocket.

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