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What Is A 14 Day Cooling Off Period?


Thinking of getting an insurance policy but worried you’ll be locked in if you’ve made a mistake? The good news is that in the UK you are by law entitled to a minimum 14-day cooling-off period on most insurance policies. This means you can cancel within this time without reason. However, this can still come with costs if you don’t have your wits about you.

What is a cooling off period for car insurance?

A 14 day cooling off period is a legal requirement that must be given by insurers to their new policyholders. Essentially this insurance cooling off period prevents people from being locked into car insurance policies that they have changed their mind on close to the purchase time. This cooling off period for insurance helps keep consumers safe from misleading or deceptive policies and incentivises insurers to offer competitive and fair prices.

Is it free to cancel insurance within the 14-day cooling off period?

Whilst insurers may be legally obliged to offer you a 14 day cooling down period on your insurance policy, there are still ways they can try and recover some of the lost revenue. They can do this by charging you admin and cancellation fees for ending your policy during the cooling-off period. Whilst not all insurers do this, it is common practice for insurers to hit you with some sort of charge for cancelling.

How do I know I’m getting the best insurance?

Here are the things you need to do before you take out an insurance policy. These could help you find the best insurance policy for you and help you to avoid having to cancel within the 14 days cooling off period:

  • Read the insurance policy fine print – Whilst this may seem the most obvious thing to do, many people miss it and insurers are well aware of this. If an insurer plans to charge cancellation or admin fees then these will need to be stipulated in your policy fine print. Aside from informing you of potential cancellation fees, coverage limits, exclusions, and deductibles. So before you sign, be sure to check the fine print!
  • Know the cover you need before you buy – By taking out more coverage than you actually need, you’ll find yourself with a more expensive premium than you need. By carefully selecting a policy which meets your needs and nothing more, you reduce the chances of needing to go through the insurance policy cancellation process further down the line.
  • Compare different insurance quotes – This is by far the easiest way to avoid being in a situation where you need to use your 14-day cool-down period for an insurance policy refund. By comparing multiple quotes using comparison sites like Quotezone, you can increase your chances of finding the cheapest cover for your needs straight off the bat.

If there is anything that is unclear or confusing about your policy or the details in the fine print don’t make sense, don’t just sign the policy! Ask your insurer questions and be sure you are fully aware of everything your policy entails. This includes admin or cancellation fees for the insurance.

Insurers themselves may wish to cancel your insurance policy, this can be due to risk profiles, changing policyholder requirements or inaccurate information at the time of being insured.

Can I cancel my insurance policy and get my money back?

If you’ve already paid for your coverage, for example on a home insurance policy, you’ll be entitled to a full refund if you cancel during your 14 day insurance cooling off period. However, some insurers may charge you for any days you’ve been covered.

Can I cancel my car insurance for free within 14 days?

Some insurers will let you cancel your car insurance policy for free as long as it is within the 14 days of your car insurance cooling off period. However, like with other types of insurance, not all insurers will do this free and many will charge you for cancelling.

What to do if your 14 day cooling down period is over?

If you’ve changed your mind and your 14 day cooling down period is over, you’ll need to weigh up whether it is worth switching your insurance now or simply waiting for your renewal period to come up.


  • Simply cancelling a direct debit will not cancel your insurance, you’ll still owe your insurer for the time you’re covered – So be sure to contact your insurer directly if you want to cancel!

If your policy is set to auto-renew each year then you’ll want to make sure you are on top of your renewal dates so you don’t end up being covered again by a policy you don’t want. You should ensure you have the new policy already in place before cancelling your current provider, as this will stop you from being left uninsured.

What insurance policies are excluded from a 14 day cooling down period?

  • Life Insurance policies
  • Policies are sold as part of a packaged deal, a typical example includes a home & contents package.
  • Insurance policies that you buy when you already need cover. Such as travel insurance that you buy just before your holiday start date.

Why you should always compare insurance policies before you buy!

Regardless of whether you are seeking a policy for car insurance, van insurance, home, or pet insurance, you should always compare as many quotes as possible before committing to a policy. This essentially means you’ll dramatically increase your chances of finding the cheapest coverage for your needs, and so reduce the likelihood you’ll even need to use your 14 day cooling down period for insurance to start with.

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