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How to cancel a car insurance policy


You are not forced to stay with your car insurance provider however depending on when you cancel you may not receive refunds or may even be charged a cancellation fee.

Can you cancel your car insurance at any time?

If you have just purchased your insurance policy you will have a 14-day cooling off period by law. This means you can cancel for any reason. The cooling-off period starts when your policy begins and you should be able to get a refund on any premiums you have paid. The insurer may take out some money to cover days the policy was in action and you may potentially be charged an admin fee. You may be charged a cancellation fee also if you cancel after the cooling-off period but this will need to be confirmed with your lender.

Your insurer could potentially cancel your policy for the following reasons

  • Something has changed that will greatly increase your risk to the insurer
  • You have violated your policy details, for example, non-disclosure

How to cancel

You must contact your insurance directly to cancel a policy as simply cancelling a direct debit will not end your policy and you will still owe your premiums.

  • Make sure you have a new policy in place before cancelling your current policy so you aren’t left uninsured
  • Contact your insurer directly
  • Compare multiple quotes for the best deals

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