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Compare drink driver insurance with Quotezone

If you’ve been caught drink driving and received a DR10, DR20, DR30 or DR31 motoring conviction those conviction codes will stay on your driving licence for 11 years, which means the cost of your insurance is likely to be higher than average for quite some time.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should automatically stick with your existing provider and accept their renewal quotes for the next 11 years. In fact, when you need ‘convicted driver insurance’ it becomes even more important that you shop around for the best quotes by comparing prices from a wide range of different providers. By doing that you standard a far better chance of finding a suitable drink driving insurance policy at a price that won’t break the bank.

Compare drink driving insurance now

Will my drink driving insurance remain expensive for the full 11 years the conviction is on my driving record?

Yes, it’s likely your premium will remain higher than average while that conviction is on your driving record. Your drink driving insurance might start to get a little cheaper as those years progress (provided you don’t get additional penalty points/motoring convictions in the intervening period, of course), but it might not return to the same sort of level you were used to paying before the conviction until the drink driving code is removed from your record.

Does the number of penalty points I got for my conviction affect the cost of my drink driving insurance?

Yes, insurance providers will usually take into account the number of penalty points you have on your licence alongside the specific conviction codes on your record when they’re calculating the premium for drink driver insurance.

A drink driving conviction can result in anywhere from 3 to 11 penalty points, so the number of points your licence is endorsed with for that one conviction can affect the cost of your car insurance for drink drivers. But if you had points on your licence before this conviction (or get additional points at a later stage) those can compound the effect on your premium as well.

What can I do to find cheap drink driving insurance?

If you’re looking to find cheap car insurance for a drink driver the step you need to take, first and foremost, is comparing quotes from a wide range of different providers.

Many motorists know that their loyalty often isn’t rewarded with cheaper car insurance premiums if they stick with the same insurance provider year after year – a fact that has been dubbed the ‘loyalty tax’.

However, if you’re looking for cheap drink driver insurance there’s a possibility your existing provider’s renewal quote could be even worse than normal, because their standard underwriting terms might mean a driver with a drink driving conviction represents an unacceptable level of risk. In fact, some insurance providers might refuse to insure drivers with drink driving convictions at all, even if that same motorist was one of their policyholders before.

By comparing quotes from a wide range of providers you stand a far better chance of discovering which providers have underwriting terms that allow them to offer competitive drink driving insurance quotes.

In addition to shopping around, there are a number of other steps you could take that just might help you find cheaper drink-driving insurance:

  • Opting for black box insurance – One way to help offset some of the risk you represent as a driver with a drink driving conviction is to provide the insurer with more information about your driving habits and adherence to the rules of the road. Telematics car insurance (or black box insurance, as it’s also known) is designed to give the insurance provider precisely this information, by installing a device in your vehicle that tracks your driving.
  • Taking an advanced driving test (such as the ‘Pass Plus’ or ‘RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders’ test) – whilst far from a universal requirement, some insurance companies may offer you a lower premium if you take one of these courses, because it can help to prove to insurers that you’re a safety-conscious driver.
  • Paying for the full year upfront – This can sometimes be a painful pill to swallow when your premium is very high, but if you’re able to pay the full amount upfront you could save quite a bit of money versus a monthly payment plan – as much as 20%, in some cases.