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Compare ADI Insurance Online

Looking for the best ADI car insurance quotes in the UK

Becoming an approved driving instructor (ADI) means you are fully qualified to teach learner drivers on the road. As an ADI, you need ADI insurance, which will cover you if something happens to your vehicle, yourself, or your student when your running a lesson out on the road.

 As an ADI, you will have passed all three driving examinations and can be considered a highly trained and skilled driver and tutor. Your previous potential driving instructor (PDI) insurance will need to be changed to ADI insurance to ensure you have the appropriate cover you need. ADI insurance will cover all the risks associated with running a driving school, including public liability, legal expenses cover, dual control courtesy car and protected no claims bonus, depending on the provider.

What is ADI driving instructor insurance?

Ordinary car insurance that you have for your private vehicle will not be able cover driving lessons. Once you have progressed from being a PDI to an ADI, you will need to take out dedicated ADI car insurance policy to be properly covered. ADI driving school insurance will ensure that your vehicle, yourself, all your students driving test examiners are covered to be behind the wheel. 

If your vehicle is off the road for whatever reason, ADI insurance will also cover you so you can have a dual control courtesy to teach in until you get yours back.

What does ADI stand for?

ADI simply stands for approved driving instructor. You will need to pass three separate tests in order to become a qualified driving instructor. These include a theory test, a driving ability test and finally an instructional ability test. You will need to register for an ADI certificate within 12 months of passing your tests. 

What insurance does an ADI need?

You will need a form of hire and reward cover in order to operate as a driving instructor by law. This is something that cannot be found on standard social, domestic and pleasure motor policies (SPD). As a result you’ll need this cover in order to carry people in your vehicles for payment. This can be found through a ADI Insurance policy.

How long does it take to get ADI insurance?

You can set up most ADI driving school insurance cover very quickly. Once you are satisfied with the quote you’ve received and submitted all your details, your ADI insurance policy will begin instantly. You should also receive your insurance paperwork via email in a matter of moments.

Is any driver of the vehicle covered?

ADI driving school insurance ensures that anyone who drives your car, such as yourself and your students, are covered if something goes wrong on the road. This cover also includes the driving test examiner who may have to control the vehicle during a test. In short an ADI policy will cover key stakeholders in your driving school who need to operate your insured vehicles for the purposes of the test.

What level of ADI instructor insurance is available?

The different levels of insurance cover available with ADI insurance are similar to what you would have had with PDI insurance. It typically includes personal accident cover to protect you and your passengers in an accident. There is also uninsured driver protection, negligent tuition cover and public liability insurance cover.

Does ADI insurance include windscreen cover?

Yes. Just like any standard vehicle insurance, ADI insurance policies cover damage to your windscreen. In most cases, the insurer will organise an approved repairer to either repair or replace your windscreen. 

If I need a courtesy car, is it covered by my ADI insurance policy?

If your car is off the road for repairs, most ADI driving school insurance will provide a small hatchback courtesy car for you to use for driving lessons in the meantime. Your usual level of insurance cover will also cover your courtesy car during this time should anything untoward happen.

What affects the cost of ADI insurance cover?

While ADI insurance is more expensive than your standard personal vehicle cover, it is generally cheaper than PDI insurance. Several things can impact your ADI insurance premiums, such as where you live, the age, make and model of your instructor vehicle, the hours you work, the type of cover you need, and the optional extras you choose.

How can I cut the cost of ADI car insurance?

You can easily cut the cost of ADI car insurance by replacing your instructor vehicle with a newer and more efficient car. You can also increase how much excess you pay and ensure that your vehicle is always parked off-road in a secure location.

 What is the best ADI driving instructor insurance?

The best ADI insurance for you will not only meet your budget requirements but also offer good cover for yourself, your vehicle, and your students should something happen and offer you a good level of legal protection.

 Once you become an ADI, you need to make sure you have the right ADI instructor insurance to protect your business. Quotezone works with an array of ADI insurance providers so you can compare policies with the peace of mind that you will have the cover you need.