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Dual Control Instructor Insurance

Keep you and your students protected with the best most affordable insurance quotes

As a driving instructor, the risk of your car being in an accident increases when a learner driver is behind the wheel. Fortunately, dual control cars are designed to reduce this risk and help to keep all road users as safe as possible. However, accidents do happen, which makes dual control driving insurance essential. 

Dual control cars have additional pedals so the driving instructor can quickly take control and stop the car. However, when a learner driver is at the wheel, you are only partially in control. The learner’s inexperience still means that the vehicle could be involved in an accident. Dual control car insurance protects both your instructor vehicle and your business should something happen.


Benefits of dual control car insurance

Replacement dual control vehicle

If something should happen to your vehicle, dual control insurance will mean that you are eligible for a replacement dual control courtesy car. This means that you can continue teaching your students.

Public liability cover

Most dual control instructor insurance covers also include public liability cover, so your business is protected if someone claims illness, injury, or damage.

Instant cover available 

Many dual control car insurers provide instant cover once you’ve made an initial payment. Instant cover means that you can be out on the road in no time, teaching students to drive in your dual control vehicle.


Frequently asked questions

Are dual controls necessary to teach someone to drive?

No, dual controls are not a requirement to teach someone to drive. However, a vehicle with dual control is naturally much safer.

Is dual control insurance the same as standard car insurance?

A dual control car is considered a modified vehicle and requires dual control insurance rather than standard insurance.

Is dual control instructor insurance more expensive than standard car insurance?

Yes, dual control insurance is more expensive than regular car insurance because the insured vehicle has more chance of being involved in an accident. 

What affects the cost of dual control driving insurance?

The cost of dual control driving insurance is affected by where you live, the type of vehicle you are teaching students in, an approved driving instructor (ADI), or a potential driving instructor (PDI), which means you are still training to be an instructor.

How can I lower the cost of my dual insurance premiums?

The cost of your dual insurance premiums will drop once you become an ADI. However, you can also lower the cost of your insurance by increasing your excess, upgrading your car to a more efficient model and storing your car off-road.

How can I find cheaper dual control car insurance?

The best way to find cheaper dual control car insurance is to shop around to find the best policy that suits your needs. You should avoid renewing your policy with the same provider each year.

What is the best dual insurance for myself and my dual control car?

The best dual insurance will protect you and your students against damage to other vehicles and legal protection to cover you in the event of being sued. You will also need to consider those drivers who need to take a re-test after a ban from driving. 

Finding the right dual control car insurance is crucial for your driving school business. At Quotezone, we have an impressive selection of dual control insurance providers to choose from to help you provide the best policy for your needs.