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Compare smallholding insurance quotes

If you own a smallholding you’re probably going to want to find suitable smallholding insurance – after all, the farmhouse on that smallholding will likely be your own home, and if you’re smallholding includes land that you use to rear livestock or grow crops then you might want to include crop insurance or livestock insurance as part of those policy as well.

Of course, just because this type of smallholder insurance is a wise investment doesn’t mean you should accept the first quote you’re offered – it pays to shop around by comparing smallholding insurance policies from a range of different providers.

How much will I have to pay for smallholder insurance?

That will depend on a wide range of different risk factors, many of which will be specific to you and your smallholding. For instance, the type of farmhouse or other dwelling on your smallholding can affect your premium, as can the age of that property and its estimated value.

The amount of land your smallholding includes will also affect the cost of your smallholding insurance, and how you use that land will be taken into consideration too.

With that in mind, the best plan is to compare real smallholding insurance quotes for your own smallholding and then go with the provider that offers the best coverage at the cheapest price.

Is it true that my mortgage company will insist that I have smallholder insurance?

Yes, if you have a mortgage on your smallholding there’s a very good chance insurance will be a contractual obligation in the terms of that mortgage agreement.

This may only require you to insure the farmhouse itself, but it’s worth considering including other types of agricultural insurance with this policy to protect your equipment, crops or livestock as well. 

Does smallholding insurance protect me against flood damage?

Yes, provided your smallholding isn’t located on a flood plain and you don’t have a history of flooding that you’ve failed to declare to the insurer, then most smallholding insurance policies should protect you in the event of a flood.

If your smallholding does have a history of flooding then some insurers may offer you a smallholding policy that specifically excludes flood damage, so it’s important to read the policy features, including the list of exclusions, before you sign up for the policy.