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Life insurance for company directors

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Life insurance quotes for company directors

Where to get life insurance for company directors online?

Looking for a quote on life insurance for a company director in your organisation? Are you a director yourself, looking to find a life insurance policy tailored to your needs? We can help. Quotezone.co.uk are a one-stop quote comparison service, which allows you to compare prices on life insurance from hundreds of UK based sources. We let you search for the best life insurance for you, within minutes. You will find everything you need to know about our excellent comparison tool and life insurance for corporate heads, below.

What is life insurance for company directors?

If you are an important corporate director, a life insurance policy is essential. It allows you to provide for your loved ones and pay for your own funeral arrangements in the event of your death. You can take out life insurance for a fixed term or for your whole life. Fixed term life insurance policies are those such as policies aimed at over 50s or under 40s.

What does it cover you for?

Taking out life insurance lets you protect future earnings should the worst happen. It can help keep you financially stable if you become terminally or permanently ill. You can use life insurance to protect yourself against loss of income or health costs for specific illnesses.

Do you need to be a certain age to buy life insurance?

No, you can buy life insurance at any age. Insurance providers offer group insurance policies on those over the age of X, or under the age of X. You could also take out a standard life insurance policy and specify your occupation there, too.

Does life insurance cost less for company directors?

Life insurance costs tend to rely on your health, age, and other factors. Your smoker’s status matters more than your job title in most places. Insurers want to lessen their risk, so your policy may well be cheaper if you have a better job. On the other hand, the insurer might prefer a less stressful role.

How much does life insurance cost?

The fastest way to find out how much your life insurance policy as a company director will cost is to retrieve quotes on insurance through Quotezone.

Are there other types of life insurance I should consider?

As a company director, you might want to think about insurance for your business prospects. For example, insuring yourself against loss of future earnings means you will always have a fallback if your business loses money. You can insure things like stock, staff, and business interruptions, too.

Where can I compare quotes on life insurance for company directors?

You can use the Quotezone website to compare quotes on all sorts of financial products in your life. You can shop for a mortgage online with us, in the same way as you can use our service to compare quotes for life insurance as a company director. It’s fast and effective, leaving you with the quotes you need in just a few minutes.