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Life Insurance for Smokers

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Life insurance for smokers

It can be very worrying to think about the future. Most people want to make sure that their family and loved ones are safe from financial hardship after they pass away. Good life insurance can help protect your family from financial troubles. This can include funds for a funeral, to pay off a mortgage, or to settle other debts. If you smoke, it is more important to make sure that your family are financially secure.

If you want to find the right smoker’s life insurance for your family’s needs, you can compare quotes offered by UK insurance companies. Comparing insurance can help you save money and find the best insurance for you.


Can you get life insurance if you are a smoker?

Yes, many insurance providers will still offer life insurance for smokers. However, smoking increases the likelihood that you may be facing a serious illness or death. This means that life insurance may be more expensive if you are a smoker.


How does a life insurance company know if you smoke?

A life insurance company could ask for a medical exam or medical documentation to check whether or not you smoke. This helps you get the appropriate cover for your needs.

Even if you aren’t asked for medical info though, if you’re a smoker you should still declare the fact you smoke when you’re taking out life insurance. Failing to disclose this information could result in your policy being cancelled, which could then affect all of your insurance policies in the future.


What makes smoker life insurance more expensive though?

Smoking can make life insurance more expensive because it increases your risk of respiratory ailments, cancer and death. Other existing health conditions can affect the price of life insurance in the same way.

Also, if you are over 50 and you are a smoker you may find life insurance is even more expensive, and you should look at specialist over 50s life insurance.


Do you have to tell your insurer if you start smoking?

You need to read the details of your policy to find out whether you need to inform your insurance provider. While your premiums may not increase, you may find that death caused by smoking is not covered under a non-smoking life insurance policy.


How much more expensive is life insurance if you smoke?

Life insurance could be up to one and a half times as expensive if you smoke, compared to someone who does not, though this figure could change between different insurance providers and policies. Compare smokers life insurance quotes to find out more.


What is whole life insurance for smokers?

Whole life insurance is a kind of policy that covers you for the remainder of your life. This means that whenever you die, your insurance policy should payout to your beneficiaries. However, it can be more expensive than term insurance. It can be useful for expenses such as a funeral.


What is term insurance for smokers?

Term life insurance is a life insurance policy that is only active for a set amount of time. This is often useful for people who want to make sure that their family or loved ones are protected against costs that will diminish over time, for example, a mortgage. Generally, people have this type of insurance policy until the mortgage is paid off.