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Compare life insurance for mums

It is hard to worry about the future your children will face, and even more worrying to consider what might happen to them if you were to die before they were financially stable. Having good mum life insurance can take away that worry, and give you the peace of mind that your family is financially safe, whatever happens, especially if you are a single mother.

If you want to find the right type of mums life insurance for your needs, you can compare life insurance for mums. Comparing insurance quotes helps you save money and find the right policy to protect your family.


How much is mums life insurance?

The cost of your insurance policy will often depend on several things. Firstly, the total payout you select will have an effect. Your health status and age will also change the premium cost – if you have health conditions or are older, your premiums may be higher.


Do I need life insurance if I’m a single mum?

Life insurance can help safeguard your children and family against difficult financial circumstances after you pass away. Life insurance can help with the costs of a funeral, as well as help cover debts including a mortgage, bills, and loss of income. As such, life insurance for single mums is a very good idea.


Is ‘whole life’ the best option when I’m taking out life insurance for mums?

Whole life insurance is a type of insurance that stays valid until the death of the named individual. This means that your beneficiaries are almost certain to receive a payment, however, the premiums can be higher than with term life insurance


What is term life insurance?

Term life insurance is life insurance that only protects the individual for a set period of time. This can be very useful for mothers if you want to have life insurance until your children are adults or are able to financially support themselves. This is very useful if you want life insurance until your mortgage is paid.


Is there an age limit for life insurance?

Some insurers may have age limits, but some will insure someone of any age. However, depending on the age of the person, you may want to look at specialist insurance, such as over 50s life insurance. Some insurance types, such as term insurance, may not be available to older people.


Can I buy life insurance if I have a terminal illness

Yes, some insurance providers may be willing to offer life insurance policies for people who are dying. You may find that the policy types available to you are very limited though, and you may find that your premiums are much more expensive than for healthy people.