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Compare non standard home insurance with Quotezone

Is your property at risk of flooding, subsidence, unoccupied for long periods of time or made of a non standard construction material? Here at Quotezone we understand the importance of finding cheap and affordable non standard home insurance that covers you against every eventuality.

Why non standard home insurance?

Many insurance companies in the UK may only offer home insurance for standard properties, generally consisting of brick or stone walls and a slate or tile roof. If your property does not fall into the above category, then it may be time to start thinking about non standard home insurance. There are a lot of factors that contribute in making a home non standard; therefore it is important to ensure your home is properly covered. Some typical examples are as follows:

  • Flood Risk - is your property situated close to a watercourse or have a history of flooding?
  • Subsidence - has the property been constructed on soft ground or history of landslip?
  • Construction - are the exterior walls made from timber, metal or cob? Is the roof flat, tiled or even thatched?
  • Any previous claims - Have you had any claims in the last 5 years?
  • Unoccupied - Is your property left unoccupied for over 30 consecutive days?
Compare quotes with Quotezone

Using Quotezone is quick and easy. Simply complete our one page online form about your non standard property. Quotezone will then match your details up with UK non standard home insurance providers, that will contact you to discuss a tailored quote to suit your circumstances. So whether you own a timber framed house or own a dream property next to a river, put your mind at rest, use Quotezone and get a non standard home quote today!

Compare cheap non standard home insurance quotes and start saving today!

Non-standard home insurance guide

Owning a home tends to be a big step in most people’s lives. Many people are likely to want to protect their home as much as possible by way of suitable home insurance and indeed it may be a condition of a mortgage that a person has appropriate cover in place. What this means usually is that a home is protected in the event of flooding, fire, burglary and accidental damage. It could mean that building and the contents of the home are included on a policy too. However, when it comes to some homes it may be a struggle to find a company that may offer insurance. This is where non-standard home insurance could become useful.

What is non-standard home insurance?

In short a non-standard home insurance policy basically could cover a house that otherwise may not be able to get standard home insurance otherwise. There may be several reasons why a home may not attract insurance – this could be due to flooding or a history of flooding, subsidence, the property being unoccupied for a long time or undergoing renovations or it could be that the property has a convicted criminal living there. These factors may limit a person’s options when shopping for home insurance and as such non-standard home insurance may provide an opportunity.

Why is non-standard home insurance required?

Living in a home without insurance could be a big risk, especially if it is prone to things going wrong such as flooding. Without any insurance in place the owner could be financially liable for any repairs, damage and other associated costs if they need to put things right after a flood, fire or other incident. Depending on the level of damage the costs could run into thousands and not carrying out repairs could render a property inhabitable or make it dangerous.

Many mortgage providers could insist that a condition of offering a mortgage deal means getting a suitable insurance policy. They probably recognise how vulnerable living without insurance could be and this may be the reason they require insurance to be in place due to the risks involved.

If a property falls into a non-standard category then it may be suggested that the owner search for alternatives by way of non-standard home insurance.

Finding non-standard home insurance

It could be the case that non-standard home insurance options aren’t easily apparent. With this type of specialist insurance it could be harder to find the insurance companies that may help. This is where a comparison search could be useful in order to identify companies, providers or brokers that could offer UK non-standard home insurance. To compare non-standard home insurance could mean that a person has the best chance of securing some sort of policy and could then find themselves insured for the risks that they thought may not be possible. Being open about the requirements and getting a range of choices from insurance specialists could help find something suitable depending on individual needs.

Is cheap non-standard home insurance available?

The cost of insurance may be what puts many people off shopping for insurance of any kind. However, it could be easier to find a more affordable non-standard home insurance policy when using an online comparison. There may be things that could be done to reduce the risks associated with non-standard home insurance such as flood protection, structural changes or legal considerations and these may be worth sharing with an insurance provider in order to bring down the cost of premiums.

What does a non-standard home look like?

To the untrained eye it may not be immediately obvious what makes a property fall into a non-standard bracket. However, there could be things like having a thatched roof, a listed building or a property close to or next to a stretch of water that make it more apparent. There could be several reasons why a property is non-standard and it could be worth having a surveyor look over the property ahead of purchase so they could highlight any concerns or issues of this kind.

Country properties, holiday homes, barn conversions, period properties, timber or steel constructed properties, flat roof properties and unoccupied properties could all mean that standard home insurance isn’t an option for owners. It is probably a good idea to speak to insurance companies to find out the particular reasons it may not be able to be insured under a regular policy.

Buying non-standard home insurance

Once a person has found non-standard home insurance quotes then they may need to identify the right policy for them. Like all insurance it is likely to be a good step to check the small print to make sure that it covers everything that is expected. Deciding how much excess is affordable could have an impact on the overall premium so this could be worth some extra consideration.

Getting quotes online to compare non-standard home insurance may give access to insurance companies that could help further identify any gaps in provision. It is also worth checking that the level of coverage is satisfactory and could help with any rebuild costs or any other financial aid required if the property is damaged by various factors.

Before signing up to a policy then checking that it offers the coverage required could be important. It may also be possible to include additional parts to a policy such as home emergency cover or cover for items when outside the home.

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