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Does van insurance cover tools?



Many people keep tools and equipment stored in their vans, especially if your business is reliant on them. With tools being commonly stored in many UK vans for both commercial and domestic use, insurers are well aware that it is essential for many that they get the right coverage. So are tools covered by your van insurance?

How to check if your tools are covered

Most standard van insurance policies will not include tool coverage or van contents insurance as part of their protection. You should not assume that just because you have a standard or even a commercial van insurance policy your tools and equipment are insured. The easiest way of seeing if your tools are covered under your van insurance policy is to simply contact your van insurance provider to confirm your coverage. If you are not yet covered, you can cover your tools against damage or theft by simply including van tool insurance as an add-on or simply as a stand-alone policy. Not all tools will be treated equally by insurers so be sure to check the policy details for any exclusions.

Is it cheaper to take out separate insurance for my tools?

This can depend on your provider. With some insurers, it may work out cheaper to simply insure your tools under a policy that is separate from your van insurance. Equally, however it may actually work out to be a cheaper option to include tool coverage as an add-on to your van insurance policy, it will largely depend on the type of tools being insured and the provider you’re insuring them with. The best advice for finding cheap coverage for your van tools is to simply compare van tool quotes and see which options are the cheapest for your circumstances.

What are some of the exclusions of van tools insurance?

Many policies will not cover your tools if they are left in your van overnight. This is because you are increasing the risk of theft significantly by leaving tools and other valuable equipment in your van overnight, particularly if they are not securely parked in an enclosed garage. If unloading your tools from your van every night is too impractical and unrealistic, you can seek out a policy with includes overnight van tool insurance. It is important to note however that these policies will be more specialised than standard and so will be more difficult to find. This will provide you with the coverage you need to leave your tools in your van overnight even if they are not in a secure garage or car park, however this will likely incur a higher premium cost. Standard wear and tear of your tools will also typically be excluded from insurance policies.

What must I do for van tool insurance to cover me?

Even if you have the most comprehensive type of coverage for your van tools, you will still be expected to comply some rules in regard to managing and storing your tools. You must not leave your tools unsecured when not in use and you should lock all windows and doors of your van when you are away. Other actions such as leaving your keys in your van ignition, not properly securing your tools, and just generally not reducing the risk of theft or vandalism can all lead to issues if you need to make a claim. In short – take necessary precautions to reduce the risk of tool theft and damage so as not to risk invalidating your insurance.

Are there any alternative ways of insuring my tools?

You don’t need to specifically insure your tools under a van insurance policy to be covered. There are alternative formats of coverage that can offer you protection against accidental damage and theft.

  • Tradesman insurance – This will offer you coverage against theft and damage of your tools along with other protections such as professional indemnity and public liability insurance.
  • Business/tool cover – Insure your tools and equipment specifically.
  • Public liability insurance – This type of policy offers you coverage against damage and theft to your tools along with the added benefit of coverage against third-party damages caused by yourself or your employees.

Things to consider for insuring your van tools

Van tools insurance doesn’t need to be a hassle to get, whilst there may be multiple ways to insure your tools, the best option for you will largely depend on your provider and what tools you need to insure. Remember that you don’t need to insure your tools under an extension of your van insurance policy. Be sure to read the policy details of any potential coverage and be sure to compare multiple policies before making a decision. Van tool insurance is somewhat specialised but not uncommon, many insurers will provide this coverage and it is simply a matter of comparing which policies offer you the best cover and the best price.

How can I get a van tool insurance?

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