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Compare jet ski insurance with Quotezone – Compare Cheap Quotes

While the term ‘Jet Ski’ is actually a brand name for a type of personal water craft manufactured by Kawasaki, the term has also become a generic catch-all term that boating enthusiasts use to refer to these types of personal watercrafts.

But whether you own a real Kawasaki Jet Ski, or you use the term more broadly to refer to your Sea-Doo, your AquaTrax or your WaveRunner, if you’re keen to find cheaper jet ski insurance you’ve come to the right place.

Quotezone.co.uk’s boat insurance comparison service can help jet ski owners compare quotes for jet ski insurance quotes from a wide range of different insurance providers, increasing their odds of finding a policy that offers the right cover at the right price.

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How much does jet ski insurance cost?

It’s difficult to predict how much you’re likely to have to pay to insure your jet ski, because boat insurance companies take a wide range of risk factors into consideration when they are calculating the premium. For instance, the type of jet ski you own, its estimated market value, its make and model, the year it was built, the type of engine it has, where you store it and where you normally sail it can all affect the cost of insuring your jet ski.

The best plan is to use our price comparison service to compare jet ski insurance quotes from a range of different insurance companies, and then go with the one that offers the best jetski insurance policy at the best price.

I’m only planning to use my jet ski on coastal waters, so does that mean I don’t need jet ski insurance?

It’s usually the case that you won’t have a legal obligation to take out jet ski insurance if you only ever use your boat at sea, but jet ski insurance is still a sensible investment even when it isn’t mandatory.

This type of policy can help cover the cost if you crash into another vessel or damage someone’s property, and if you opt for a comprehensive policy rather than third-party jet ski insurance you’ll usually be covered if your own jet ski is damaged or stolen.

Given that many jet skis are worth thousands or even tens of thousands of pounds, it really is worth taking a moment to compare jet ski insurance quotes – a policy might be cheaper than you think.

 Am I allowed to take my jetski out on the river?

Most jet skis can be taken out on a river in the UK, although it’s worth bearing in mind that most rivers have strict speed limits of just 6mph, whereas most jet skis are capable of achieving 50mph.

If you do plan to take your jet ski out on UK rivers it’s important that you get a waterways licence from the relevant inland waterways authority first. In most cases that means you will have to take out jet ski insurance first as well, because most inland waterway authorities will need to see proof of your insurance before they will issue your licence.

What’s the minimum level of insurance cover I need to insure my jetski?

If you do decide to insure your jet ski the minimum level of cover you’ll be able to take out is third party only boat insurance. In most cases this type of policy will provide you with up to £1 million of third party cover.

However, as the name suggests this type of policy is designed to protect third parties when you take to the water, which means you won’t be covered for damage to your own jet ski.

What coverage is available for a basic Jet Ski insurance policy?

Whilst coverage options for your jet ski will typically differ from basic coverage to more comprehensive policies, a good jet ski insurance policy will typically include the following in addition to repairs and third-party damages:

  • Property damage
  • Personal injury
  • Hull insurance
  • Road transportation
  • Fire & theft

More comprehensive policies will cover your jet ski for the costs of total or partial replacement and repair. More basic policies will provide you with coverage against any damages you may cause to other watercraft while operating your jet ski. Many policies will also allow you to include road cover, meaning that you won’t just be covered for when you operate your jet ski in the water, but also whilst transporting it on road. Some comprehensive jet ski policies will also cover slip and crane operations as well as shipyard stays and storage. Some harbours and marinas will also require you to have at least third-party cover in place to use them.

What are the exclusions or limitations of jet ski insurance?

Most policies will not cover activities such as racing and other specialised uses of your jet ski. Modifications are also another factor which could complicate your insurance coverage, so you should be sure to check your policy T’s&C’s. before carrying out and modifications. If you don’t, you may risk invalidating your existing insurance coverage or prevent yourself from being offered cover from insurers in future.

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