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How To Get Cheaper Car Insurance UK


When it comes to getting cheaper car insurance there are a few simple yet practical steps you can follow to get the best deals. Below are our top tips for making sure you’re saving the most on your car insurance policy…

How to make car insurance cheaper

It may sound cliché but it is nonetheless true, the easiest way to get cheaper car insurance is to compare multiple quotes from different lenders. Deals and promotions change over time, and the best car insurance offers can change between lenders. By simply allowing your policy to auto-renew, you run the risk of missing out on the cheapest current deals. Our Independent, non-biased comparison tool lets you compare cheap car quotes from top UK providers in moments.

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Tips for cheaper car insurance
  • Look into comprehensive coverage – You may be surprised to know It isn’t always the most expensive cover as drivers with riskier profiles tend to opt for third-party policies to save money.
  • Pay your insurance annually to avoid extra costs – Insurance companies will charge interest on monthly payments as in their eyes you’ve essentially taken out a loan. Paying for 12 months insurance upfront is essentially the end of the matter so no interest is added.
  • Pay more voluntary excessVolunteering more excess helps reduce the risk of insurers losing money if you make a claim. This means you can save on your premiums by volunteering a higher excess payment. However you should keep in mind that it also means you’ll pay more in the event of a claim.
  • Add an older driver to your policy if you’re under 24 – This can help reduce your risk in the insurer’s eyes as you will have an experienced driver also using the vehicle.
  • Improve car security with dashcams and secure parking – These factors will all influence your premiums since it makes your car more secure against theft and fraud.
  • Don’t mod your car – It can be tempting but modding your car can have some serious effects on your coverage as you will either end up having to pay more on your premiums or void your coverage altogether. Some policies prohibit modding so always check this with your lender.
  • Take an advanced driving course – This will influence your premiums since you’ll be considered a more experienced driver after having taken this course. Speak to potential lenders over what courses they can recognise for reducing your premiums.
  • Consider getting Telematic or Blackbox insurance – These allow for lenders to better monitor your driving habits by installing a tracking device in the car. This means that In exchange for that driving data many policyholders are offered cheaper car insurance
  • Always compare quotes and avoid auto-renewing your policy until you’re sure you have the best deal – When it comes to car insurance, checking what lender’s policy is right for you is the aim of the game. With Quotezone’s state-of-the-art comparison tool it’s never been easier to compare car insurance online.
How region impacts your car insurance price

Where you live can have a direct impact on your premiums. Here is a breakdown of the average annual car insurance cost by region so you can a have better idea of when you’ve found a bargain.

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