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Multi Car Insurance

Compare multi car insurance from Quotezone.co.uk’s directory of specialist insurers. If you’ve got multiple cars registered at the same address, you could save money by insuring the cars under the same policy. Only need cover for one vehicle? Click here. Have multiple vehicles for business purposes? Click here.

🚗 MultiCar Insurance covers multiple cars on one policy, you’ll get our standard car insurance cover – but with a discount for every car added.
👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 Available to immediate family at different addresses. Each driver can keep and build up their own No Claims Bonus.
🥇 Top up your No Claims Bonus – Any car covered for three months gets a full year’s bonus if you don’t claim.

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🚗 Insure up to a total of 5 cars. You’ll get a discount for every one you insure.
🚙 Available to drivers at the same address. Each driver can keep and build up their own NCB.
🚕 Taxis or rental vehicles are excluded.

5* Defaqto rated policies available.
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Multi-car insurance comparison for households with more than one vehicle

Whether they’re families with children who have cars of their own, couples with a vehicle each or even housemates with their own vehicles, more than 7 million households in the UK now have multiple cars.

Whatever the reason for adding a new car to your household, though, you could end up paying over the odds for your car insurance if you insure each vehicle separately.

That’s because many insurance companies offer policyholders that live in the same household a multi-car discount if they insure a number of vehicles under a single policy, which means you’re likely leaving money on the table if you insure each car individually.

And if you are one of the millions of families in the UK that own two or more vehicles you could increase those savings even more by using an unbiased insurance comparison platform like Quotezone.co.uk, which can help you to compare multi-car insurance policies from a wide range of providers in a matter of minutes.

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What is multi-car insurance?

A multi-car insurance policy is a convenient and cost-effective way to insure multiple cars at a single address under a single policy.

Many insurance providers will offer households a multi-car discount if they own between two and five cars and insure them all under one policy…and the more cars you add to the policy the larger the potential saving (up to the insurer’s maximum number of vehicles, of course).

Beyond the multi-car discount, some motorists also find it easier to manage their insurance and deal with their provider when everything is included under one policy, because it means there’s only one set of paperwork and one annual renewal date.

Is a multi-car policy always cheaper than insuring each car separately?

It often is a little cheaper, but not always.

It is sometimes possible to find cheaper policies for each individual vehicle when you use a different provider for each one, which could mean a series of policies could sometimes work out to be a little more cost-effective than multi-car cover.

That’s why we recommend comparing quotes for individual policies as well as multi-car insurance, and then going with the option that offers the best cover for each car at the lowest price.

Of course, if there’s very little difference in cost you might still decide to opt for a multi-car insurance policy because of the added convenience it offers.

Do drivers have to live at the same address to take out multi-car insurance?

Yes, most insurance providers will stipulate that every car covered by a multi-vehicle policy must be registered to the same address.

A few insurers may make an exception in certain circumstances – for instance, for a university student who lives away from home for part of the year but has their car insured under their parents’ multi-car insurance policy – but as a general rule these policies are designed to cover multiple vehicles within a single household.

Does every vehicle have to have the same level of cover?

No, if you include multiple vehicles under a single car insurance policy you can usually choose different levels of cover for each car if you wish.

So, you might opt for fully-comprehensive insurance for your most valuable vehicles, for instance, while choosing third party or third party, fire and theft cover for the others.

Will I lose my No Claims Discount if my child has to claim on my multi-car insurance policy?

Most insurance providers will maintain a separate No Claims Discount (NCD) for each vehicle that’s covered under a multi-car insurance policy.

In practice that usually means that if a young driver or learner driver is added to a multi-car insurance policy and they are subsequently involved in an accident you shouldn’t lose your own No Claims Discount.

Of course, your multi-car renewal quote is still likely to rise the following year, since one of the vehicles will have lost its NCD.

Can I transfer my No Claims Discount from a single standalone policy to a multi-car policy?

Some providers will allow you to move your No Claims Discount to a multi-car insurance policy, but it’s not always straightforward. If you have built up a significant NCD it would be best to double check with insurance providers before signing up for this type of multi-car policy, as there is a chance your NCD might be affected.

Can I transfer my multi-car NCD to a standalone car insurance policy?

If you’re moving from a multi-car policy to a standalone insurance policy for your vehicle you can sometimes take your No Claims Discount with you, but again the process isn’t always straightforward.

The best plan is to check with insurance providers before you take out a standalone policy, in order to ensure they will allow you to move your NCD.

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