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Do I Need Insurance When Test Driving a Car?


Confused over whether you need to take out insurance to test drive a car? Are you worried about the potential hassle if you do? Don’t fret, we’ve got all the information you need to know about insurance while test-driving a car, whether you’re buying from a dealership or though a private sale.

How does insurance work when test driving a car?

So if you are looking for car insurance for a test drive you’ll simply need to ensure you are temporarily covered to drive that vehicle. Aside from this the policy you use is not necessarily important, as long as it satisfies the minimum third party insurance requirements for driving in the UK it should meet the insurance requirements for a test drive. There are many short term insurance options available for you to choose from and virtually all will provide you with coverage as soon as your online payment is processed. This means you can get car insurance to test drive another vehicle almost instantly from our panel of specialist providers.

Am I insured when test driving a car at a dealership?

It can be annoying but the reality is that you must be insured anytime you drive a vehicle in the UK. If you are test driving a car you will need to check you are insured before taking it for a spin. If you are test driving from a dealership then don’t worry, they usually have cover in place, however you should always confirm this.

Do I need car test drive insurance if it’s a private sale?

If you are just testing a car from a private seller then you will need to check if your insurance has a DOC (driving other cars) clause worked in. The safest thing to do is call your insurer directly and check if you are covered for DOC. If you aren’t, then you can take out temporary test drive car insurance on another vehicle for as little as one hour. This will provide you with the temporary insurance for test driving a car legally.

Why do I need insurance if I’m only test driving?

It is illegal to drive a car in the UK without having the appropriate insurance. Penalties for driving without insurance include 6 penalty points and a £300 fine. In this situation it’s best to look for the shortest temporary insurance policy possible. This will cover you for the time you are using someone else’s vehicle and the price can be as little as £11. Given the potential penalties and costs if you were to be involved in an accident, this is a useful way of ensuring you can test the cars you wish to buy without being left out of pocket.

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