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Coffee Van Insurance – Compare Cheap Quotes

A catering van has the potential to be a very lucrative business, particularly if you get the right pitch in an area with a high amount of footfall. And if your catering van happens to be a coffee van you also have the added advantage of requiring less cooking equipment than burger vans or fish and chip vans, which could reduce your capital requirements and overheads if done right.

But while your coffee van might not require expensive grills, ovens and fryers it is still the cornerstone of your business, which means it requires top-notch coffee van insurance coverage. After all, if your coffee van was ever written off and you were only covered by third party insurance, your entire operation would be rendered inoperable.

Fortunately, Quotezone.co.uk has you covered when it comes to obtaining coffee van insurance quotes. Our comparison service for catering van insurance can connect you with a selection of coffee van insurance specialists, boosting your chances of getting the appropriate insurance at the right price.

Compare coffee van insurance quotes now

Do coffee vans have lower insurance premiums than hot food vans?

Yes, coffee van insurance can sometimes be less expensive than a comparable policy for a burger truck or fish and chip van.

There are probably two explanations for this:

  1. Some coffee vans are smaller vehicles than hot food trucks, since they don’t have to carry as much equipment, and smaller vans are usually cheaper to insure;
  2. The equipment coffee vans do tend to carry is often less valuable than the cooking appliances in a hot food truck, which means they’re usually cheaper to insure.

What other factors are likely to affect the cost of insurance for my coffee van?

While the make, model, weight, and engine size of your van will affect the cost of your insurance, particularly because those characteristics also affect your van’s insurance group, your coffee van insurance provider will examine additional risk factors as well.

For example, the age, mileage, and location of your coffee van can all affect your premium, as can the location of the vehicle overnight – ie is it parked in a garage, on a private driveway, or on the roadside.

Finally, factors relating to the coffee van’s driver will be considered, such as the driver’s age, location, driving record, and No Claims Discount.

Does coffee van insurance usually include coverage for my van’s equipment?

Yes, many coffee van insurance policies cover the fixtures and fittings of your vehicle as well as the van itself, including your refrigerators, coffee makers, kettles and sandwich makers. Some insurers will provide this as standard, while others charge a nominal cost to add it to your coffee van insurance policy.