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Black Box van insurance

Compare black box van insurance quotes and save on your van insurance premiums today. 97% of reviewers recommend us. Compare van insurance quotes from over 60+ specialist van insurance providers.

What is black box van insurance?

Black box insurance, also known as telematics insurance, is a type of coverage that calculates your premium based on your driving. A black box is a device which is installed in your van and measures key aspects of your driving such as speed, mileage, time of day and location.

This information is sent to your insurer who will then adjust your premium price based on the risk associated with your driving habits. A Black box policy can be worth considering when it comes time for you to compare van insurance.

How does black box van insurance work?

Black box insurance works by using a GPS system and motion sensors which work with telematic technology to collect and store data on your driving which is then sent to insurers. Your insurer will then use this data to make calculations on your risk to insure based on various factors recorded by the black box. Typical information recorded by black box devices include:

What data does a black box record?

  • Sudden manoeuvres and swerves
  • The time of day you typically drive
  • Rapid accelerations
  • Average speed
  • Hard breaking
  • The roads you frequently drive on
  • Mileage
  • Number of journeys made during the day
  • Erratic driving such as tight corner taking, random accelerations, overtaking too quickly etc

The reward for having your driving data monitored by your insurer is that you can expect to be offered lower premiums when it is time to renew. Essentially a black box insurance policy allows drivers to demonstrate that they are responsible and safe. Van drivers with black box insurance have the opportunity to receive a good or low-risk driver score which in turn can result in lower premiums at renewal.

Who uses black box van insurance?

Any motorist can take out a black box insurance policy, however not every motorist may benefit from having it. Older van drivers with more experience behind the wheel may find a black box policy more costly than it’s worth. Young van drivers without much driving history for insurers to evaluate can certainly benefit from having a black box insurance policy. It can be an effective way of demonstrating to insurers that you’re a safe and responsible driver sooner than accumulating years of driving experience.

Pros of having black box van insurance

  • Potential to save money – By being a safe and responsible driver, you can get rewarded with cheaper premiums when you renew your coverage. This can be particularly useful for young van driver insurance premiums.
  • Extra security – Since black box devices use GPS, they can help your insurer and police locate your van in the event of theft.
  • Can help prove fault in an accident – Should you be involved in an accident, your driving data recorded by your black box device can be used to help prove who is at fault if you were driving safely and not exceeding any speed limits.

Cons of having black box van insurance

  • Can incur higher premiums if driving late at night regularly
  • Cost of installing the black box in your van

Some things black box van insurance won’t do

  • Your insurer does not watch or spy on you through your black box, your data is typically algorithmically calculated in order to inform your future premium price based on risk.
  • Your black box does not interfere with your ability to drive or any onboard systems.
  • The police will not be informed of motoring offences by your black box, however they may request this information from your insurer if you are involved in a serious accident or incident.

How is black box van insurance different to normal van insurance?

Black box van insurance can offer drivers without much experience the opportunity to prove to insurers that they are good drivers who pose a low risk of making a claim if insured. If you have good driving habits, a black box insurance policy will give you the ability to demonstrate this and be awarded lower premiums sooner than if you simply accumulated years of driving experience and a no-claims discount.

Some black box insurance companies may impose a curfew on late-night driving, this can result in higher premiums if you are a frequent late-night driver. Some black box insurance policies will also limit mileage, however this is not the case with every insurer.

In short – black box insurance offers less experienced, typically younger, van drivers to demonstrate their good driving habits in return for cheaper premiums when it is time to renew their policy. There may be some restrictions such as mileage limitations and curfews on late-night driving. If you do take out a black box policy however, it can be a great way of saving on your future premiums sooner than building up a no-claims discount or waiting to fall under an older age bracket that typically gets offered cheaper van insurance quotes.

*51% of consumers could save £590.37 on their Van Insurance. The saving was calculated by comparing the cheapest price found with the average of the next four cheapest prices quoted by insurance providers on Seopa Ltd’s insurance comparison website. This is based on representative cost savings from August 2023. The savings you could achieve are dependent on your individual circumstances.