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Compare hostel insurance quotes

Youth hostel owners occupy a very niche market in the hospitality industry, providing a very particular service with very specific insurance needs.

Whether your hostel is situated on a remote cliff-edge or in the midst of an urban sprawl, it is imperative that your commercial property insurance covers and protects you, as cheaply and effectively as possible.

Why is commercial property insurance for a hostel important?

Like any business, you want to protect your property, your staff and your customers from every angle, to ensure that your venture is not only supported and maintained but can thrive. This is exactly why finding the right youth hostel insurance is key to your success.

You may not be a high-end luxury establishment with all the accompanying five-star accoutrements, but your staff and customers will expect a good and competent level of safety and security. Similarly, your property requires a youth hostel insurance designed as specifically as possible for your building, be it modern, thatched, Georgian or a national landmark.

What will youth hostel insurance cover?

Each and every youth hostel will have insurance needs that are specific to them but, at the outset, there are essential insurance provisions that all hostels will require.

Commercial property insurance to protect your hostel from theft, vandalism and even natural disasters are essential. It is also key for any small business owner, like a youth hostel owner, to be covered for commercial general liability against any potential claims regarding third-party property damage or even bodily injury claims from guests.

Commercial property insurance for a hostel should also contain innkeepers liability insurance which protects guests’ property from theft or vandalism by other guests, or even staff.

It may also be advisable to have workers compensation cover within your policy to protect your staff from loss of wages and medical costs should they sustain an injury on your property,

In essence, public liability and employers liability must be an integral component when comparing the youth hostel insurance on offer.

In essence, it is good practice to compare hostel insurance quotes to find the most suitable policy for you.

How do I apply for youth hostel insurance cover in the UK?

Applying for youth hostel insurance requires you to do a lot of research, understanding just what sort of cover your particular business requires, and finding the company that suits your needs.

Compare and contrast the available options and don’t be afraid to challenge companies to provide exactly the cover you require. For example, you may operate a ferrying service for your guests, so auto insurance could be another feature that must be factored into your policy.

What does youth hostel insurance cost?

The cost of youth hostel insurance cover will be as varied as the hostels themselves. Depending on the location of your building, its structure and the number of people you employ and the services you offer, premiums will certainly vary.

For this reason, researching and comparing a variety of insurance providers is vital. Choose carefully to find youth hostel insurance that is the perfect fit for your business, to ensure stress levels are kept to a minimum.