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Bed and Breakfast Insurance

Bed and Breakfast Insurance Quotes 

Different businesses in the UK have different needs, so insurance policies can be tailored to their industry. Bed and Breakfast insurance is no different. Insurance for bed and breakfast businesses has several variables to consider, and getting the right balance of coverage is important. Our comparison website Quotezone.co.uk simplifies the process and can help you find the right coverage for a competitive price. We will guide you on the various inputs and provide multiple quotes from a wide range of insurers. 

Why would I need bed and breakfast insurance? 

Owning a bed and breakfast comes with a lot of risk. Bed and breakfast business insurance could be critical to the success and sustainability of your business. There are a multitude of factors that could make or break any business’s profitability if the potential risks are not accounted for. Here are the key areas of coverage that are important to understand: 

  • Public liability – Protects you from third-party injury and damage caused by your business. 
  • Property protection – Also known as building insurance, make sure your cover is suitable for the property being used for your business. 
  • Guest belongings – Typically an add-on, this form of contents cover can protect your reputation and your guest’s valuables. 
  • Contents insurance – Covers the contents within your business premises.  
  • Business interruption – This cover could help protect your business if you can’t accept paying guests in instances like fire or flooding.  
  • Employers liability – A legal requirement, if you employ people you need to have this cover in place.  

Is insurance for bed and breakfast businesses required by law? 

Commercial property insurance is not. The only insurance that is mandatory by law in the UK for businesses is employer liability insurance. That said, having commercial property insurance for your bed and breakfast can offer essential cover in extreme events that would otherwise cripple your business. These can include: 

  • Burst pipes  
  • Falling trees 
  • Fire 
  • Flooding 
  • Riots 
  • Storms 
  • Subsidence  
  • Theft 

Just consider the cost of recovering for these events without buildings or 

contents insurance. This can give you insight into how necessary they could be for your bed and breakfast. 

Is it true that my mortgage company might insist that I have this type of insurance? 

Some mortgage companies might insist that you take out building insurance for your bed and breakfast. Standard home insurance likely won’t have the necessary cover that is required to safeguard your bed and breakfast property, in fact not having the right building insurance cover could potentially invalidate a claim. You’ll need a specialised cover. Investing in bed and breakfast building insurance could be essential if you are running a business. If in doubt, check with your building insurance provider to make sure you have the right building insurance cover in place. If not, our comparison platform can help you source the appropriate coverage for you. 

Does the location of my bed and breakfast affect the cost of insuring it? 

Yes. The location of your bed and breakfast will have a direct impact on the cost of your bed and breakfast insurance premium. Different postcodes have different risk profiles. For example, a more densely populated suburb might have a higher crime rate than a more rural area. In addition, areas that are prone to more flooding, fires or even lightning strikes will come with a higher premium. Risks vary, and they typically have an impact on insurance costs. 

Does the number of rooms I rent out affect the cost of my bed and breakfast insurance? 

Yes, it likely will. The number of rooms available to rent often is a factor when determining risks. The total square meterage of the building or space you register as part of your bed and breakfast is calculated. More rooms mean more people and more contents. These two factors have a significant influence on the premium to insure a bed and breakfast. You could compare quotes and see the impact of room quantities on the cost. Our comparison site Quotezone.co.uk can help you do exactly that. It’s a great tool that enables fast insurance comparisons. 

Do I need bed and breakfast business insurance if I just have one long-term lodger? 

No, not necessarily. It depends on the risk you’re willing to shoulder, if in doubt you can check with your current home insurance provider. The only mandatory business insurance that is required by law, is employer liability insurance. However, the risks associated with having a bed and breakfast can be significant, even with just one guest. B&B insurance is a small investment to make. It safeguards you against the potentially devastating costs of damage to your commercial property. 

You stand a good chance of finding cheap bed and breakfast insurance if you compare multiple quotes. To compare bed and breakfast insurance, try our handy comparison site. Quotezone.co.uk can provide multiple quotes based on your specific requirements and circumstances. 

How much is it likely to cost me to insure a bed and breakfast? 

Determining the average cost to insure a bed and breakfast is not a straightforward calculation. Many variables are at play. A large number of critical factors and sub-factors are considered and built into a premium for bed and breakfast insurance. Mainly whether you choose: 

  • Commercial property insurance 
  • Contents insurance 
  • Property and contents insurance  

Premiums quoted will depend on the types of coverage you take out and the risk factors that are relevant to your business. These risk factors include your previous claims history, and the location and size of the property. Comparing quotes is the best way to gauge what you should expect to pay for the balance of coverages you need. 

Is it true the crime rate in my area will affect the cost of bed and breakfast insurance? 

Yes. One of the primary pillars for calculating the cost of bed and breakfast insurance is location. Each location is different. The crime status of your particular area will affect your bed and breakfast insurance premium. It could be possible to lower the premium by installing additional security features and measures, but this will be up to the insurer. 

Does the age of the building affect the cost of this insurance policy? 

Several building age-related factors impact the cost of bed and breakfast insurance. These are generally: 

  • Heritage significance of the building 
  • Building condition 
  • Alterations and renovations  
  • Changing environmental threats to the building  

What can I do to increase my chances of finding cheap bed and breakfast insurance? 

It is advisable to use a comparison website like our platform Quotezone.co.uk to help you find cheap bed and breakfast insurance. It’s quick and easy to use. The website allows you to explore all the factors and conditions that influence the cost of insuring a bed and breakfast. It enables you to compare multiple quotes from many of the UK’s top insurance companies. Using us can increase your chances of finding cheap insurance for your B&B.


Will installing additional security features at the property reduce the cost of this insurance? 

Generally, yes. However, it is always best to speak to your insurer directly before investing in any additional features for the purpose of getting a lower premium. That being said, the installation of additional security features at your bed and breakfast is a wise move all around. It could significantly reduce the risk of crime as burglars and vandals may be deterred. Insurers typically view this as a commitment to safeguarding your property, its contents and your business and may reward you with a discount. 

Do B&B businesses just need bed and breakfast building insurance, or will they need contents cover too? 

With bed and breakfast building insurance, the coverage typically includes permanent fixtures and all things structural. You will need contents cover to protect the contents of the bed and breakfast. If you want to cover your guest’s contents then you will likely need to include this as an add-on. It’s wise to shop around to secure the best deal possible. We can help you navigate the options, quickly and easily.