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Compare Mixed Use Commercial Property Insurance

What is mixed use property insurance?

Owning a large commercial premises might mean that it is divided up into different parts and used for different purposes. This could mean a better return if the owner acts as landlord for multiple businesses rather than just one and it could also mean that the space is maximised rather than some portions of a building not being used.

When it comes to commercial property most owners are likely to want to protect their investment with a suitable insurance policy. When being used for different purposes then a mixed use commercial property insurance policy could be the best solution all round. This could mean that regardless of what the building is used for it could be covered by an insurance policy for all eventualities. Fire damage, flooding and criminal damage could be the most popular reasons for an insurance claim and it might be possible to get one policy that covers the whole building.

Mixed use property insurance could mean that when a building is used for hair and beauty as well as car sales or another venture it could be covered under the one policy. Finding cheap mixed commercial buildings insurance may seem like a tall order but it could be possible when searching for cover via a UK comparison service. To compare insurance policies might be a more popular way to find suitable cover for a mixed use property. It could also be much more convenient for building owners to enter their details just once and find that they have several options for covered returned. Choosing from a range of quotes might be more affordable and could mean honing in on the specialist insurer much quicker than if a business owner was to contact insurance companies on their own. Mixed use commercial property insurance could be the ideal choice for buildings with more than one purpose.

What are some of the other terms used to refer to mixed use property insurance?

Did you know?

*Our data showed a 45% surge in demand for commercial property insurance during the last two quarters of 2021. This is a good indication that despite the recent hardships for the British economy, commerce has not slowed. This is backed by the British Retail Consortium (BRC) whose own data shows that consumer demand for high street goods as well as homeware shops, restaurants, and clothing stores have all been on the rise.

How much does a mixed use property insurance policy cost?

The cost of your property insurance will largely depend on your requirements for that property. For example no two mixed commercial property policies are every the same, and so the factors that make up your policy will largely be determined by the nature of the businesses operating in your property.

For example some businesses are more expensive to insure than others due to their inherent risk to insurers. A restaurant for example is more likely to be in danger of fire damage than an office space, so this particular business operating in your property can increase your premiums.

The size and value of your property will also directly impact your premiums as the more it costs to repair or replace, the more expensive your premiums. Unusual structures and materials can significantly increase the cost of your premiums. This is due to the difficulties of sourcing repair materials as well as the specialist knowledge required to carry them out.

Commercial property insurance plans can typically range from a few hundred pounds to anything over a thousand pounds depending on the commercial property. The best way of ensuring that you are getting the right coverage for your needs is to compare multiple quotes from different lenders and choose the policies that work best for you.

How can I save on mixed property commercial insurance?

The easiest way for a landlord to get cheaper mixed property commercial insurance is to compare multiple quotes from different lenders across the UK market. This exposes you to a larger amount of offers than if you went directly through one insurer or simply auto-renewed your policy.

There are also some practical steps you can take to reduce the costs of your commercial property insurance.

  • Pay annually – This can help you to avoid interest charges which exceed 20% APR
  • Security – Keeping your property well secure will reduce your premiums, installing advanced security systems and deadlocks means your property is less likely to be breached or vandalised
  • Opt for extra excess – This can directly lead to lower premiums
  • Always compare the market – This can help you avoid paying more than is needed
Who needs to sort out mixed property commercial insurance?

Whilst tenants are usually required to insure their own contents relating to their business, it is the responsibility for landlord to organise insurance for the property. Renters have no legal obligation to insure the property that they will be operating their business and so most landlords will simply factor in the cost of insurance into the total rent.

Whilst the cost of insurance is typically passed on to the tenant, it is still in the landlords best interest to find cheaper policies to maintain good relations with their tenants and to keep arrangements fair.

What is covered under mixed commercial property insurance?

Mixed property insurance is designed to protect your property assets from damages and destruction caused by an insurable event. What is classified as an insurable event may slightly differ from insurer to insurer but typically you can expect your policy to insure you against the following:

Property Owner’s Liability – This may be included within the premium or an added extra but could be a vital piece of cover in case a building owner is found liable for damage or injury due to neglect or a problem with the building such as loose flooring or an uneven step that someone subsequently falls upon. An owner rather than a tenant may be found responsible in this type of scenario as they may be required to maintain the building and ensure it is safe.

Rebuild Cost for Commercial Property – Getting an accurate re-build amount included in the premium could be crucial in the event of an entire premises being destroyed. This may be the downfall of many insurance quotes for any kind of buildings cover as being underinsured could mean not having enough money to re-build which might signal the end of a business.

Rent Losses – Unfortunately it may be that a building is rendered unusable if an incident occurred such as a fire or flooding. Despite this, rent losses may be recoverable if a building can’t be used due an insurable event. Under this insurance you will be able to claim back the otherwise expected rental income whilst your commercial property is under repair.

Contents Cover – Depending on the nature of the business it may be the case that a landlord should consider contents insurance as part of their commercial property insurance policy. This could be necessary if a company is already fitted out for a hairdressers or café as an example as part of the tenancy arrangement. In these circumstances the landlord may wish to include landlord’s contents cover.

Accidental or Malicious Damage – This could include any damage that is carried out accidentally or with intent. These can be separate options to include and to decide which if any could be best it may be worth evaluating the business use and how secure the premises are. In terms of malicious damage it may be worth covering for damage caused on purpose as it may mean having enough money to put things right if the tenants damage a property during their tenancy.

Finding the right Mixed Property Commercial Property Insurance

Choosing to look online for the right coverage is a popular means of searching large numbers of policies to find the cover that’s right for your needs fast.

Thanks to Quotezone.co.uk, it’s now become even easier to find the best commercial property insurance in moments. With our comparison tool you can find multiple competitive quotes from top UK based insurance providers in moments. There’s no need to hunt through individual insurance sites, with Quotezone.co.uk we bring the quotes to you.

Finding the right commercial property insurance with our comparison tool can help you save time and money, it’s also pretty convenient. By using a comparison tool, a business owner has the flexibility to search for cover in their own time and at their own pace in order to secure the best policy.