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Takeaway Shop Insurance

Get competitive commercial insurance quotes for takeaway shops from across the UK

As with any business, takeaway shops need the correct type of commercial insurance to protect against any of the common risks of running a business in the food industry. To get the correct commercial insurance for a takeaway shop, you need to be clear on what types of insurance you need and what the risks are. Some of the risks of being a business owner in the food industry include:

  • Food handling and safety
  • Unreliable supply chains
  • Staffing shortages
  • Compliance
  • Vandalism

In order to get competitive takeaway restaurant insurance in the UK for these risks, you can quickly and easily compare insurance quotes to find one that offers the cover you need.

Insurance for a takeaway shop is very similar to restaurant insurance as there are many of the same concerns and risks. However, since you may be delivering food there are additional risks to consider.

What are the common types of insurable takeaway shops?

Some common types of takeaway shops include:

This list is obviously not exhaustive, as a takeaway shop can essentially be any store that offers customers food for takeaway. The thing these types of stores all have in common is that they would benefit from a takeaway insurance policy.

What is takeaway insurance?

Takeaway insurance is a form of commercial property insurance that covers your business for property damage, public liability and in some cases business disruption. Each policy should be closely scrutinised to confirm that it provides the required cover needed. If there is some coverage missing from your policy that you require, most insurers will offer you additional coverage at extra cost. This means you’ll be able to tailor your takeaway insurance to better meet your needs.

What is commercial property insurance?

Commercial property insurance is a type of insurance designed to protect commercial properties from the cost of damages resulting from an insurable event– this is, properties or locations used for business, such as a takeaway shop. It is very important to have commercial insurance as most other types of insurance will not cover the risks you have. Commercial property insurance is usually sorted by the property owner, so if you are renting the property from which you operate your takeaway store, the responsibility of insuring the commercial property will fall to the landlord.


Do I have to have commercial property insurance if I run a takeaway shop from my home?

Yes, you still need to have the correct types of insurance even if you use your home as your commercial property. Regular home insurance usually does not cover equipment used for commercial purposes, so you could be at risk if a fire or other incident occurred.


What other types of insurance do I need for a takeaway shop?

There are various other types of insurance that you may find useful. Some of these are usually legal requirements for a takeaway restaurant business.


Do I need public liability insurance?

You usually need public liability insurance to protect against any harm that comes to members of the public during your business operations. This is often a legal requirement.

It is always prudent to compare takeaway insurance thoroughly to get the right deal for your business.


Do I need employer’s liability insurance?

If you employ people – even if they work part-time or are volunteers – you will usually need to have employer’s liability insurance to make sure that there is protection if any of your employees get hurt or injured. This is considered a large takeaway shop insurance risk due to the use of cooking equipment. If you employ people who are directly related to you in your takeaway shop, you may not need this insurance.


How do I insure my takeaway shop equipment?

Most commercial insurance policies will allow you to insure the content of your business. This means you can get help if there is an incident that leads to the damage or destruction of your cooking and packaging equipment, or your stock of foodstuffs, you’ll be able to claim these costs. Some contents may be excluded from your coverage however, so be sure to confirm this by consulting your policy details. 


What is an insurance excess?

Why buying insurance for a takeaway shop it is important to consider the excess. The excess is the amount of money you agree to pay before the insurer pays out following an incident. You can often get a lower insurance premium by having a higher excess, but you need to decide if this is right for your business.


Can Quotezone help me find cheaper takeaway insurance?

Quotezone.co.uk is a non-biased, independent comparison tool. Our panel of specialist UK based providers can help you find cheaper storage facility insurance from across the UK insurance market. With over 3 million users and 97% of reviewers recommending us, why not try us for yourself.

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