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Compare Insurance for Office Contents 

While running a business, the last thing you need is to be stressed about the security of your office contents. With insurance for office contents, you can go about your business knowing that regardless of whether you own or rent your office space, your belongings will be covered. This can be taken as an additional level of coverage to commercial office insurance which typically does not automatically include contents insurance.

Here at Quotezone.co.uk, we take the work out of finding insurance quotes. All we need is some information about your ideal policy, and we will find office content insurance quotes from all over the UK. Look no further. Protect your assets today. 

What does office contents insurance cover? 

Office contents insurance will typically cover things like furniture, computers, printers, important documents, or stock and inventory in your office space. You could also specify other objects that are important to your business, but this might cost a little extra. 

How much does office contents insurance cost? 

It’s different for each business. Also, insurers may have slightly differing policies which could influence the price too. Typically, factors like office location and the value of your contents will play a significant role in office contents insurance costs. Your level of cover will influence the cost too. If you need to insure your office contents, comparing quotes can significantly increase your chances of getting a cheaper deal.  

Are there different types of office contents insurance to choose between? 

Yes. When it comes to insuring office contents, insurance providers understand that each business has different needs. They typically offer a choice when it comes to the level of coverage. Opt for a more basic cover that takes care of essentials, or opt for a comprehensive package that includes a lot more as outlined in the policy details. Naturally, the price will be adjusted accordingly. You could also add extra cover for things like business interruption or equipment that leaves the premises. 

Can I take out office contents insurance if I rent my office rather than owning it? 

Absolutely. Many businesses rent their office space while owning their equipment. Even home office equipment or assets in a co-working space can be covered. Contents insurance for an office is crucial for businesses in any location because it protects you from potentially devastating losses should you fall prey to theft, fire or vandalism.  

Can I still take out office contents insurance if I’m in a home office? 


You can certainly take out office contents insurance if you’re in a home office. Insurers make provisions for all types of businesses because they understand the importance of protecting your assets. Make sure to give accurate information about your office and what you want to be included in your cover.  

Can I still get insurance for office contents if I work in a coworking space? 

Yes, even businesses operating from a coworking space can take out office contents insurance. In fact, it’s a wise move. Office-sharing has its risks. Whatever equipment belongs to your business can be written up in your policy.  

If you’re looking for cheap office contents insurance, compare as many quotes as you can to find an affordable offer. At Quotezone.co.uk we help companies simplify the sometimes daunting task of finding the right cover for their office contents. 

Can I take out office contents insurance if I’m only just starting out in business, or do I need to have an established company? 

Yes, you typically can.  

It’s smart to take out office contents insurance if you’re only just starting in business. It is essential to protect your costly belongings. Spending money on replacing stolen or damaged equipment can be a death blow to your fledgling business. 

By comparing office contents insurance quotes, you can find the deals that suit your budget best. You may even find insurers who offer special discounts to start-ups. 

Does office contents insurance cover theft? 

Typically, theft is covered under office contents insurance, but if you’ve chosen a basic cover, it may not be. It’s always best to read through your policy carefully before you sign. Make sure to specify theft in your insurance documents if this is a significant concern for you. Alternatively, opt for more comprehensive cover which costs more, but covers a much wider variety of threats to your office equipment. 

Does insurance for office contents cover accidental damage? 

That depends on your policy. 

Accidental damage is typically included in an office equipment insurance policy. However, it may be different from insurer to insurer. It’s best to specify this when searching for quotes so that you’re not caught off guard when you need it most.  

At Quotezone.co.uk we can help you sort through insurance providers quickly and find the quotes that include accidental damage cover. 

When I’m insuring office contents will there be a single item limit? 

There may be a single-item limit, it depends on the specifics of the policy you choose. Insurance providers may limit you if you opt for a basic cover.  

Comprehensive cover typically offers more room to move when it comes to the number of items you can insure. However, very expensive items will likely add extra to your insurance bill. 

Can I still get office contents insurance if I have very valuable equipment or machinery? 

Yes, but it may cost more. 

It’s possible to get office contents insurance for very valuable equipment or machinery. However, your premiums will just be adjusted accordingly. You’ll have to specify the equipment value when asking for quotes. Incorrect information could lead to disappointment should you ever need a payout. 

Are there any exclusions I should be aware of when I’m comparing office contents insurance? 

Yes, there are. 

Like with most other insurance policies you can expect to find exclusions. These would typically include things like: 

  • Normal wear and tear of your equipment. 
  • Depreciation of value over time. 
  • Deliberate or malicious damage by you. 
  • Damage caused by lack of maintenance. 

Can I transfer my office contents insurance policy to a new address if I move offices? 

Usually yes, although this will depend on your insurer. It is usually possible to transfer your office contents insurance policy to a new address if your business moves office. However, your premium might change. The new location might affect your premiums if the threat levels are higher in the new address. A transition can likely be smooth and without any gaps in your cover. If in doubt, speak directly to your insurance provider to clear up any concerns. 

Can I get office contents insurance that covers more than one office location? 

Yes, insurance can be tailored to your needs. Whether you need small office insurance or home office insurance with the extra benefit of office contents cover, Quotezone.co.uk is here to help.

Office contents insurance is flexible and insurance providers will typically be happy to accommodate your specific needs. Operating a business from multiple locations is not uncommon. You’ll likely be able to find a consolidated insurance package that makes managing your business simple. 

Try Quotezone.co.uk to find and compare quotes for office equipment insurance for multiple locations.