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Compare Home office Insurance 

If you’re working from home and need an office setup, home office insurance is something you should consider having. You’ll likely have home insurance in place, but some risks might not be included. Adding that extra layer of protection could benefit you greatly in the future. Home office insurance covers you for unforeseen events that could happen while you’re doing your business from home. It’s a smart investment to make. It’s important to distinguish between working from home as an employee and working for yourself from home The distinction matters, and different types of coverage may be best suited for each. 

At Quotezone.co.uk we take care to help our customers find and compare multiple quotes, making insurance hunting a pleasure. Give our platform a try. You’ll find multiple quotes from many different insurance providers. You can easily compare combinations of coverage and prices for home office insurance. 

Why would I need home office insurance? 

If you ever experience theft, property damage or liabilities related to your work or business, home office insurance will keep you covered. Your normal home insurance may not include business-related losses. This makes home office insurance a great asset. It’s specially designed for those working from home and can be tailored to your specific needs. For instance, having specialised equipment will not automatically be included in normal home insurance policies. You may need a different kind of policy for this. Home office insurance is necessary to protect you from work or business-related liabilities. 

If you are an employee working from home, you should consider contents cover and accidental damage unless your employer’s arrangements cover these for you. 
If you run your own business from home then a number of other considerations come into play. These include: 
Employer’s liability insuranceDo you employ anyone? Even one employee requires you to have employer’s liability insurance by law in the UK.  

Professional indemnity insurance Could you be sued if your advice or other work product is substandard? 

Professional liability insurance Do third parties attend your office? Do you meet with third parties, even outside the home office, in a work capacity? You could face claims for injury or property damage from third parties. 

Business equipment cover – Don’t presume your standard home insurance policy has you covered. If you’re conducting business, then this could invalidate a claim. 

Is insurance for a home office mandatory in the UK? 

Not necessarily. If you run a business from home and have even just one employee, then employer’s liability insurance is a legal requirement. Although insurance for a home office is not mandatory, it is something that should be seriously considered. Running a business or working from home has its risks and normal home insurance may not cover those. Home office insurance gives you peace of mind. You can get on with doing your work knowing that you’ll be protected from any potential liabilities coming your way.  

How much will it cost to insure a home office? 

That’s difficult to estimate. The cost to insure a home office will differ from person to person because individual risk factors are considered. If you are an employee and work from home or if you run a business, these factors will also affect the types of coverage you should consider. 

Your location is also of significance and will affect your risk profile. The value of any equipment will affect the cost too. For accurate costing, you’ll want to compare quotes to find the cover and quotes that are tailored to your circumstances. This strategy also allows you to choose the offer that best suits your budget. 

Is it true the crime rate in my area can affect the cost of this policy? 

Yes, crime rates are a real consideration when it comes to insurance.  

The cost of home office insurance in your area will be affected by the crime rates associated with your postcode. Higher crime rates mean a higher chance of your home office being targeted and affected by theft or vandalism. These statistics will directly influence your insurance quotes. 

You could some of the insurance costs by implementing extra security features. Make sure to inform your insurance provider about these to potentially enjoy a discounted premium. 

Does the office’s square footage affect the cost of this policy? 

Maybe. It will depend on two things;  

Firstly, your insurance provider’s specific policies regarding the size of the office. It may not be a consideration for them if the cover is dependent on specified items only. Secondly, what you typically use the office space for: 

  • Sometimes people have larger offices because of the amount of equipment they use to run their business. Replacement costs for expensive equipment will certainly drive up the insurance costs. 
  • A bigger office may also mean more people are potentially working in the office, increasing the general risks. 

When you’re on the lookout for insurance quotes, be sure to give accurate information about the size and use of your office. You don’t want to be paying more than you need to. 

Can I still take out this type of insurance policy if I’m using a wooden prefab “garden room” as a home office? 

It is common practice for people to use wooden garden rooms as home offices. Insurance providers are aware of this and make provision for these types of setups. So yes. You can typically take out insurance even if your home office is outside of your actual home. You’ll need to specify this when requesting a quote. 

Which is cheaper to insure – a home office in my house, or a garage or outbuilding that has been converted into a home office? 

It depends. Your unique setup will be assessed for its risks. So that typically means the security of your home office will be considered as well as the crime rates in your area. Additionally, if you need public liability insurance (if customers or other third parties visit your premises) the safety of the office set-up may be considered. 

Each insurance provider may see things differently, so it’s worth comparing multiple quotes to find cheap home office insurance for your circumstances. 

At Quotezone.co.uk, we aim to help people find the right insurance provider for both their situation and their budget. 

What can I do to increase my chances of finding cheap home office insurance? 

There are a couple of ways to go about finding cheaper home office insurance. Here are a few suggestions: 

  • By adding extra security to your home office you show your commitment to keeping your office secure. This could lead to a reduced premium with some insurers. However, always check before investing in added security. 
  • Staying clear of unnecessary claims could mean you have a claims-free history. Insurance providers often give discounts for a clean history. 
  • Comparing quotes from many different insurers is a good way to find cheaper options. At Quotezone.co.uk, we can make this job quick and easy. 

What’s the best way to compare home office insurance? 

A good way to compare home office insurance is by using a comparison site like ours at Quotezone.co.uk. It’s a quick and simple way to get a broad view of what is on offer when it comes to home office insurance. It’s easy to use. All you do is answer a few questions and then you can start to compare quotes. There’s no pressure. You can take your time to do your due diligence. 

Will installing additional security features like burglar alarms or glass-break sensors reduce the cost of this insurance? 

Typically, yes. Enhancing the security of your home office is a good way of keeping insurance costs to a minimum. By doing this you show your commitment to protecting your assets. The majority of insurers view this positively. Any additional security like alarms, video cameras or glass-break sensors will likely reduce your risks of theft or vandalism. Insurers typically reward your extra precautions with a discounted premium. However, it is always important to do your research into what features and insurers work on this premise before making large investments into added security.  

Will home office insurance only cover the one room in my house that I use as an office, or will office equipment in other rooms be covered? 

This will depend on your specific policy. 

If you’ve opted for basic cover, you may be restricted to just one room. More comprehensive cover, however, may allow for more room to move in terms of equipment being stored in separate rooms. You’ll need to clear this up at the start of your policy so as not to run into any issues later on. If you’re unsure, it’s better to check. Always read the fine print of your policy because not all policies are the same. Make sure that all your bases are covered, even the equipment that may be stored in a separate location.