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BA10 Insurance – Compare Cheap Quotes

Searching for convicted driver insurance can be demoralising and frustrating, but Quotezone could help you find a better deal with our panel of UK insurance providers.

If you’ve received a BA10 conviction for driving while you were already disqualified your new BA10 conviction code will stay on your driving licence for an additional 4 years, alongside the code for the motoring offence that you were disqualified for. The net result is that when your disqualification ends and you’re allowed to drive again the cost of your car insurance is likely to rise sharply.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t shop around for cheap BA10 insurance. In fact, when you need any type of ‘convicted driver insurance’ it’s even more important than usual that you shop around for the best quotes by comparing prices from a wide range of different providers. By doing that you stand a far better chance of finding a suitable BA10 insurance policy at a price that won’t break the bank.

Compare BA10 insurance quotes now

Why is BA10 car insurance so expensive?

A BA10 conviction means you committed a new motoring offence while you were already disqualified from driving for a previous offence, which will make you seem like a much higher insurance risk. And while your BA10 conviction is just one of the factors insurance providers will use to assess your risk profile, it is definitely one that will result in higher car insurance premiums.

Car insurance for convicted drivers usually costs more because insurance claims data suggests these drivers are more likely to be involved in an accident and more likely to claim on their insurance, and insurance providers usually increase the premiums for these motorists to offset this increased risk.

How much does BA10 insurance cost?

There’s no easy way to answer that question, because a driver’s BA10 motoring conviction is just one of the variables car insurance companies use when they’re calculating their BA10 insurance premium. The driver’s age, occupation and location will all factor into that calculation too, as will the type of car the policyholder drives, how long they’ve held their licence and how many points they got for that BA10 conviction.

However, it’s fair to assume that BA10 car insurance is likely to be much more expensive than the premiums you were previously paying before you were disqualified from driving, because the motoring offence that resulted in the disqualification and this newer BA10 conviction for driving while disqualified would both work against you.

How can I find cheap BA10 insurance?

First and foremost, if you’re looking for cheaper BA10 insurance you need to shop around by comparing quotes from a wide range of providers. That way you stand a better chance of finding a provider who specialises in insuring drivers with BA10 convictions, or at least one who doesn’t hike their premiums quite as much when motorists have these convictions.

In addition to shopping around for cheaper BA10 insurance quotes from a range of different providers, there are a number of other things that might help you find cheaper insurance. For starters, you could try:

  • Opting for telematics insurance – One way to help offset some of the risk you represent as a driver with a motoring conviction is to provide the insurer with more data about your driving. Telematics insurance (or black box insurance, as it’s also known) is designed to give the insurance provider precisely this information, by installing a device in your vehicle that tracks your speed, handling, braking as well as where and when you drive.
  • Downgrading your car for one in a lower insurance group – while this might sound drastic, it’s worth considering if the cost you’re being quoted for BA10 insurance is out of your budget. Cars with bigger, faster engines usually fall into higher insurance groups, so by trading yours in for one with a smaller engine you could benefit from cheaper BA10 insurance.
  • Parking your car in a garage or on a private driveway (assuming you have that option, of course) – cars that are parked on a private driveway or in a garage have a lower risk of being stolen, vandalised or hit by a passing car.
  • Paying for the full year upfront – This can sometimes be a painful pill to swallow when your BA10 insurance premium is very high, but if you’re able to pay the full amount upfront you could save quite a bit of money versus a monthly payment plan.