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If you’re using your van to deliver goods, it’s crucial to have cover you can rely on because accidents happen when you least expect them. Luckily, the right insurance can cover the cost of damage and save you from financial hardship – here’s what to consider.

What is delivery van insurance?

It’s insurance aimed at covering the hazards you face as a delivery van driver. Policies take into account the increased risk of an accident occurring because you’re:

  • Covering more miles than the average driver.
  • Driving in all weathers.
  • Making multiple drop-offs often to a tight time schedule.
  • Carrying items that could make your vehicle a target to thieves.

If your van insurance doesn’t cover your courier activities, you won’t be compensated if you’re involved in an accident. It means you could be left facing large repair bills and in extreme cases you could be responsible for meeting compensation claims.

What does delivery driver van insurance cover?

Delivery driver insurance is typically a combination of different types of insurance bundled together to give you all-round protection.

Bear in mind that insurers set their own terms and conditions so policies may or may not include certain features as standard. If a feature you need or want isn’t automatically included in a policy, then you’ll usually be able to add it on for a small fee. Features worth considering, include:

  • Hire and reward insurance – compensates you if the items you’re carrying are lost, damaged or stolen. Policies usually have a limit to the amount you can claim per item, but this will vary by insurer.
  • Legal expenses insurance – covers solicitor fees and court costs if you need to defend yourself or claim for damages.
  • Public liability insurance – compensates other people for injury or damage you cause through your work activities, for example if someone tripped over boxes you unloaded.

What level of delivery van insurance do I need?

There are three levels of cover to choose from:

  • Third party only – compensates other people for injury or damage you cause.
  • Third party, fire and theft – includes third party only cover and will also compensate you if your van is stolen or damaged by fire.
  • Comprehensive – provides third party, fire and theft cover and will also pay to repair or replace your van if you have an accident.

Third party only, is the minimum level of cover you can have by law. However, it’s worth remembering that it won’t pay to repair or replace your van if you’re involved in an accident.

On the other hand, comprehensive cover will compensate you if your van is damaged or written off after an accident – even if it was deemed your fault.

Do I need delivery van insurance?

If you’re using your van to deliver items that don’t belong to you in exchange for payment, then yes – you’ll need delivery van insurance.

Driving without appropriate insurance doesn’t just mean you could be held financially responsible for damage and compensation, it’s against the law. As a result, you could face a fine or even have penalty points added to your licence.

How much does van delivery insurance cost?

Cost depends on the level of cover you choose and whether or not you decide to add on any extra features. Insurers also take into account a number of other factors that are unique to you, for instance:

  • The van you drive – larger vans are more likely to attract higher premiums than smaller ones.
  • The value of the items you’re delivering – high value items can increase the cost of cover because they’ll cost more to replace if stolen.
  • Your location – if you live in a busy or congested area, you can expect to pay more than a delivery driver based somewhere quieter and with less traffic.
  • Your driving record – having points on your licence can mean you pay more for insurance.

With all this in mind, premiums can vary significantly but it’s vital to ensure that any policy you choose actually gives you the protection you need. While cheaper policies can be tempting from a financial point of view, they could come with a host of limitations and exclusions (events that aren’t covered).

In contrast, policies that might appear expensive may have fewer exclusions and offer better overall value for money.

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