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Offering flexibility and variety, the gig economy definitely has its perks. In the wake of the pandemic many people have jumped at the increased demand for food delivery drivers.  But if you’re taking the opportunity to earn a bit extra on the side either as a Deliveroo or indeed for any other fast-food courier, then it’s important that you’re covered for the work you will be doing.  Having the right coverage is extremely important as you can run into some considerable issues if you start making deliveries without it. Here’s what to consider in order to ensure you’ve got the protection you need.

Do I need fast food insurance for Deliveroo?

If you’re a Deliveroo or other takeaway driver, you’ll need some form of food courier cover which is a type of hire and reward insurance. These policies cover the activities you carry out as a Deliveroo courier and take into account the risks you face such as:

  • Working to tight schedules when the pressures on to make deliveries fast.
  • Driving in all weathers
  • Delivering food usually at night.

As far as insurers are concerned, all these factors can increase the risk of an accident happening, which is something your Deliveroo insurance policy will take into account.

I already have car cover, why do I need Deliveroo insurance?

Standard car insurance typically covers driving for social, domestic and pleasure uses; you’ll also often be insured to commute to a single place a work. Using your car to deliver food for Deliveroo in exchange for payment falls outside of this scope so you’re not covered if you have an accident.

If you don’t have a policy that covers the activities you do, you could invalidate any policy you do have. It means you’ll be responsible for the cost of repairs to your own vehicle and could be held accountable for damage done to someone else’s property too. You also run the risk of being hit with penalty points as well as fines if you are caught by law enforcement making deliveries with the incorrect insurance.

What happens If I work without food delivery insurance?

This is a bad idea, not only is it illegal but you are also exposing yourself to being left without any cover when you may need it most. If you are caught in an accident which would normally be classified as an insurable event, you’ll immediately have your claim rejected if it is found that you were making food deliveries on your standard insurance. This means you will be responsible for damages to your own vehicle, the vehicles and injuries of third parties and you won’t be insured.

On top of this, it also be a disaster for trying to get future insurance coverage. Many insurers will be reluctant to insure you after you didn’t properly insure your deliveries.

If you are caught making deliveries without the correct insurance, you can find yourself being hit with 6 penalty points as well as a £300 fine.

What our experts say:
There could be thousands of delivery drivers working across the UK without realising their insurance is not valid.  With the cost-of-living soaring, millions of people are taking a hard look at their finances and seeking additional ways to earn a little extra cash – Greg Wilson, Founder of Quotezone.co.uk.

What does Deliveroo car insurance cover?

What’s included depends on the specific policy you buy but you’ll be able to choose from one of three levels of cover:

  • Third party only (TPO) – This is the minimum level of cover you can have by law and compensates other people for injuries or damage you cause. It’s important to remember that third party only won’t pay to repair your vehicle.
  • Third party, fire and theft (TPFT) – Includes third party only and also covers the cost if your car is stolen or damaged by fire.
  • Comprehensive – provides third party, fire and theft cover and will also compensate you if your own car is damaged in an accident – even if the accident is your fault. This is the highest level of cover available.

When you’ve chosen the level of cover that’s right for you, you’ll usually have the opportunity to add on other features too, for example:

  • Breakdown cover 
  • Courtesy car 
  • Legal expenses – This cover to pay for professional advice or court costs 
  • Public liability – This cover will compensate other people for injury or damage that might have occurred because of work
Can you buy Deliveroo motorbike insurance?

Yes you can – and in many ways it’s very similar to Deliveroo car insurance policies so you’ll be able to choose the level of cover along with optional extras too. When you start a price comparison with us, you’ll be asked for the details of the vehicle you’ll be using so you can be confident about getting the right policy for your needs.

How much is Deliveroo insurance?

Premiums for Deliveroo insurance vary by insurer and will influenced by a number of factors including:

  • The vehicle you drive – as well as being a target for thieves, newer, more expensive or powerful cars often mean higher repair costs which can push up premiums.
  • The miles you do – the more you cover, the greater the risk of an accident which is likely to increase the cost of cover.
  • Your age – Younger drivers are statistically more likely to be involved in an accident which is reflected in premiums. If you are a younger driver under the age of 25 then you will likely find yourself facing higher premiums.
  • Your claims history – A recent claim can push up the price and so can points on your licence.

If you’re only doing Deliveroo work on the side, it can be tempting to opt for the cheapest policy on offer. But before price becomes the overriding factor, double check the terms and conditions set out in any policy.

The above list gives you a picture of what factors insurers use to calculate your premiums. Due to the variability between these factors across different drivers, it is virtually impossible to give an accurate estimate to the cost of your potential policy without getting a quote. Comparing quotes from multiple insurers is the easiest way to finder cheaper food delivery policies.

It is worth noting that cheap policies might come with numerous limits and exclusions – which are events that aren’t covered. On the other hand, pricier policies may have fewer limitations giving you more comprehensive coverage and better overall value for money.

What are some common add-ons I can have for my policy?

There are many add-on options available to drivers looking to make food deliveries. Add-ons are optional extras that are not initially included in your Deliveroo insurance policy. Common add-ons include:

  • Breakdown cover – Not typically included as standard in many policies, this can prove invaluable if you need roadside assistance.
  • Goods in transit insurance (GIT) – This covers any goods you’re transporting that meet your insurers criteria.
  • Personal effects cover – This covers you for any personal possessions that are stolen or damaged from your vehicle whilst you are working.
  • Replacement locks – In case your vehicle keys are lost or stolen, this will cover the cost of installing replacement locks.

The benefits of having these add-ons are that you’ll be covered for more should you find yourself in a situation where you need coverage that isn’t included in your standard coverage.

What is goods in transit insurance?

Goods In Transit insurance is available as an add-on for other insurance types which are designed as cover for drivers delivering goods. Typical insurance policies that have goods in transit as an add-on include courier, haulage and tradesman insurance policy. Adding goods in transport to your courier insurance can greatly benefit your business, as it will protects property against losses and damage whilst you are transporting these goods from one place to another. You can take this insurance out for goods being distributed in your own vehicle or by a third-party carrier, and can be used in the UK or abroad.

A goods in transit insurance policy will offer you the following protection:

  • Theft while in transit – If your van or delivery bike is robbed while you are on a delivery and you loose your cargo, this will cover the losses due to theft.
  • Damage caused by accidents during transit – If you are involved in an accident whilst making your deliveries, having goods in transit cover will insure you for the cargo value which is damaged.
  • Loss during transit – If your package goes missing during a delivery run and you can’t determine the cause, this will still give you cover for the value of the lost packages.
  • Damage caused during transit – Accidents happen, and if you damage a package by mistake to the point the recipient won’t accept it, you can still be insured under this coverage.
Personal safety tips for Deliveroo drivers

Whilst you are out making deliveries you’ll find yourself exposed to certain risks. Some of these will be common place for many motorists however some will be unique. You must consider what you will be doing whilst making food deliveries, this includes making deliveries under pressure and to tight time frames, carrying other peoples food, as well as driving in all sorts of weather and traffic conditions. 

This means there are some risks that you may be exposed to whilst making deliveries which could lead to you making a claim.

  • Theft – Driving for fast food delivery operators can expose you to risks such as theft and robbery. Unfortunately in some areas within the UK there is growing concern for the wellbeing of delivery drivers as they are viewed as easy targets for opportunistic theft and robbery. The best way of reducing the chances of this happening to you whilst making a delivery and so resulting in a claim is to take the following precautions. 
      • Keep your vehicle close by and locked while you dismount to deliver the food to customers
      • Keep your cargo bag secure and difficult to access quickly
      • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Collision – This is particularly true for motorbike drivers as zooming between cars can be an effective way of meeting your deliveries on time. However this also comes with its risks, as such manoeuvres can increase the chances of being involved in an collision. It can be tempting to to sometimes take risks on the road to beat the traffic and meet your order deliveries on time. However this puts you at a much greater chance of being involved in a traffic accident. It isn’t worth risking a claim just because you are under pressure to make a delivery, a claim is the surest way of pushing up your premiums. 
  • Weather conditions – As a food delivery driver you’ll be driving in all weather conditions and during busy traffic periods. This means you’ll need to take extra care to ensure that you are adhering to the road rules and driving to the conditions. Remember, nothing will push up your premiums quite like making a claim. 
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