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Overseas apartment insurance

The quick, easy and budget-friendly way to insure an overseas apartment

The idea of trying to insure an overseas apartment might turn your stress levels up a notch or two, but we’re here to turn them right back down. The UK companies we work with couldn’t make it easier to protect your overseas property and we’re here to guide you through the process. So if you are looking to insure, weather it be in France, Spain or elsewhere, Quotezone has you covered.

Can a UK insurer legally insure an overseas apartment?

Yes, it is perfectly legal and we can provide you with quotes from specialist insurers who offer cover for many countries across the globe.

Are there different rules and regulations for insuring an overseas apartment?

The basic overseas apartment insurance covers are usually the same from country to country and that cover will all feel very familiar to you if you have standard home insurance.

Some countries do have unique property insurance stipulations, for example Turkish properties require earthquake cover whilst Florida homes need catastrophic ground collapse cover due to the sinkhole risk.

Your insurance company will be able to make sure your policy has all the necessary cover in place, based upon the country your apartment is in.

Why is my overseas apartment insurance so high?

It’s not so much the fact that your apartment is overseas, rather it’s the fact that it may sit unoccupied for longer periods than your main residence. This leaves your apartment more at risk from theft, damage and unnoticed damage – hence a higher premium. However Quotezone is here to help by comparing great insurance options at an affordable price.

What if I need to get to my overseas apartment in an emergency? Is this covered?

Your holiday apartment insurance overseas will usually include a set contribution towards your travel to your apartment in case of an emergency.

Am I allowed to rent my overseas apartment to holidaymakers? Will it affect my insurance?

If cover for letting isn’t included as standard, it’s easily added! Simply ask to add on public liability insurance and employer’s liability if you’re hiring in the likes of cleaners.

You’d also be wise to include loss of income, alternative accommodation, legal expenses and accidental damage cover.

How can I bring down the cost of my overseas apartment insurance?

Securing your property for those periods when it sits unoccupied can bring down your insurance premium. An insurer will want to know that your doors and windows have locks and consider installing a burglar alarm and CCTV too.

If you can contract a local to pay monthly visits to inspect the property, this will also help.

Finally, as well as contributing as a high an excess as possible, also pay for your insurance in one lump sum.