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Overseas Property Insurance

Get competitive insurance quotes from across the UK for your overseas holiday home overseas properties

Wherever your overseas property is, be it sunny Spain or far flung Australia, it is a good idea to make sure your overseas property is fully insured with the appropriate cover. When you are not able to be present at your overseas property as often as your main property, there is a risk that problems can occur, for example, fire, flooding, burst pipes, or vandalism.

Getting the right coverage for your overseas property is your protection against financial loss if any of these problems occur. If you want to save money on your insurance for overseas properties, you may be able to by comparing insurance quotes from across the UK. This is the case whether your overseas property is your holiday home, or whether you need to insure a holiday let.


Can I insure an overseas property in the UK?

There are plenty of companies that offer overseas property insurance. Comparing UK insurance company quotes can help you find a good price while being able to deal with a UK company who may be best able to help you.

Common overseas locations that can be insured include:

This means you won’t need to take out a policy overseas to insure your property and can enjoy the benefits of dealing with an English speaking insurer. 


What kind of insurance protects my overseas property?

If you want to cover an overseas property from the threat of building damage, you will need to have some form of building insurance. This will protect against fire, flooding, and other incidents and can be found within the coverage of your overseas property insurance. There are also often extra types of insurance that you can elect to have added to your overseas property such as contents insurance. This will allow you to customise your level of coverage to your requirements.


Can I get regular home insurance for my overseas holiday home?

Regular home insurance does not cover buildings that are left empty for more than 30 days at a time, because empty properties are considered higher risk. This means it would not be the right type of insurance for many overseas holiday homes. You will also need additional insurance if you intend to rent out your overseas property as a holiday let.


Does overseas property insurance cost more than standard insurance?

Typically yes, this is due to the fact that many insurers view overseas properties as more risky to insure. This is typically because they are left vacant for longer periods of time than is standard for domestic properties. This leaves them more vulnerable than standard homes and so insurers manage this risk by increasing the cost of your premiums. There is also the issue of maintenance, as since overseas properties are typically vacant for longer periods of time there is an increased risk of leaky pipes and similar issues. 


What insurance do I need to rent out my overseas property?

The most common type of insurance for renting out an overseas property is public liability insurance. This is important because it helps cover the costs if a member of the public gets hurt while on your property. Even when it is not a legal requirement to have public liability insurance, it is worth considering it for your overseas holiday home.

When you an insure an overseas property there is quite a lot to consider.


Do I need employer’s liability insurance?

If you fully employ someone to maintain your property as part of a rental business, you may need employer’s liability insurance. This helps cover the costs if an employee gets hurt while working for you. This can include gardeners, maids, and cleaners who are formally employed by you.


Can I insure the items in my overseas property?

Yes. Most insurance policies will allow you to add contents cover to your insurance for overseas properties. This means that you can get insurance to help replace furniture or decorations if they get damaged due to fire, flooding, or other accidents.


What are some extras available for overseas properties?

You can usually elect to have add-ons incorporated into your policy for your overseas property. This can include add-ons more common for overseas properties such as jacuzzies, golf carts and so on.

Other common add-ons include:

  • Content insurance – This means that you can cover your items and possessions within your overseas property. This includes, furniture, jewellery, and electronics. There may be some exceptions but these can vary between insurers. 


What type of properties can be covered by overseas property insurance?

A wide range of homes can be covered. It is easy to get insurance quotes for log cabins, lodges, villas, and static caravans. To find out if you can insure an overseas holiday home, enter your details and compare quotes from UK insurers.