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Vacation property insurance

Get competitive quotes to insure a vacation property from across the UK.

Owning a vacation home can be great – you get to have regular holidays in your favourite location without having to book accommodation, and you get to have a home-away-from-home. However, there are risks associated with having a vacation property. As such, it is important to make sure you get the right holiday home insurance for your property.

If you want to find cheap insurance, you can compare quotes to insure a vacation property to see what different insurance providers can offer you. This can help you save money and find the right type of insurance for your needs.

Do I need vacation property insurance?

It is not usually a legal requirement to have vacation property insurance. However, it can be smart to get vacation property insurance to make sure that you are protected from unexpected costs in case of an incident or accident with your property.

Also, if you have a mortgage on your vacation property, some mortgage providers may have rules which require you to have appropriate holiday home insurance for your vacation property.

What does vacation property insurance cover?

Vacation property insurance is like normal home insurance with a few differences. The most basic of cover is property insurance, which protects the building in case of unexpected events like fire, floods, storms, and vandalism. Most insurers will offer additional cover too. When you insure a vacation property it is good practice to look at additional cover options.

Can I get normal home insurance for a vacation property?

No. Normal home insurance does not cover vacation homes. This is because normal home insurance is designed for your primary residence, where you live most of the time. It does not cover properties that are left empty for long periods of time, usually more than 30 days.

Why is vacation property insurance more expensive than home insurance?

Since vacation homes are left empty for long periods of time, they are considered at higher risk than homes that are fully occupied.

Why are vacation homes at bigger risk?

An empty property may be a more attractive target to burglars or vandals. As well, it is more common for small problems to be left to develop into bigger problems. For example, a faulty electrical wire may not be noticed before it causes a fire, which may not be dealt with as quickly as with a normal home, causing more damage. This is why vacation property insurance is more expensive but also very important.

Can I insure a vacation property abroad with UK insurers?

Yes. Many UK insurers will offer insurance for your vacation properties in Spain, France, or other locations. This is convenient as your policy documents will be in English.

Can I insure any type of vacation property?

Yes, however, if you have a non-standard construction property you may need specialist insurance. For example, log cabin insurance helps cover the additional fire risk to such properties, while ski lodge insurance covers the additional risk of avalanches and storms.