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new build home insurance

Find insurance for your new build property by comparing quotes from up to 50 different providers

If you’re the proud owner of a new build house there’s a good chance you will have a Buildmark warranty, which is a 10-year insurance policy provided by all builders and property developers that are members of the National House Building Council.

However, while the Buildmark warranty is important it is only intended to cover you if there is a problem with how the construction company has built your house, or an issue with the land they built the property on. As such this warranty isn’t a substitute for a good home insurance policy, which is why it would still be a wise idea to invest in new build home insurance when you buy a new-build house.

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Would I be doubling up on insurance unnecessarily if I took out new build home insurance while my house was still covered by the builder’s warranty?

No, because although both the builder’s warranty and a new build home insurance property are both designed to protect you against the financial impact if something goes wrong with your new build home, they each cover very different things.

A builder’s warranty is designed to insure the builder’s work, and as such it will usually only cover you if there is a defect in the construction that arises due to some sort of negligence on the builder’s part.

Home insurance for a new build house, on the other hand, is designed to protect you against a very broad range of risks, including burglary and theft, storm damage, flood damage and fire damage.

If your new build house insurance is a combined building and contents policy then the contents of your home would also be insured against a similar range of insurable risks.

Does it matter what type of building my new build home is?

No, whether you own a new build house, a new build flat or a new build duplex, you should be able to find a suitable new build home insurance policy to protect it.

However, one thing to bear in mind is that if the property is out of the ordinary in some way (if it has a flat roof, for instance, or has been constructed with a timber frame) then you might need to look into non-standard home insurance for your new build property rather than a regular, run-of-the-mill home insurance policy.

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If I bought my new build house as a buy-to-let what type of new build home insurance should I take out?

If your new build property is a buy-to-let that you’re renting out to tenants then you normally wouldn’t take out standard home insurance at all – you’d need landlord insurance for that property instead.

Does it affect my insurance if my new build house is going to be left unoccupied for a few months?

Most home insurance policies include a clause that limits the period a home can be left unoccupied to a maximum of 30 consecutive days, so if you’re planning to leave your new build house or new build apartment unoccupied for a longer period it might be a good idea to either take out a separate unoccupied home insurance policy, or else speak to your current provider about modifying the terms of your existing policy.

Does new build house insurance cover accidental damage?

No, when you’re insuring a new build house you’ll likely find that most building and contents insurance and contents insurance policies usually won’t include accidental damage insurance as standard.

However, it’s usually possible to add accidental damage cover to your policy as an optional extra, although you will usually have to pay a little more for this.