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Your home may well be one of the most expensive purchases you’ll ever make, so it stands to reason that you’re going to want to protect it with the best home insurance policy you can find. However, that doesn’t mean you want to pay over the odds for your home insurance – which is where we come in.

Quotezone.co.uk’s free online home insurance comparison system can help you compare quotes from over 50 different providers in a matter of minutes, making it much more likely that you’ll find a cheap home insurance policy.

We compare home insurance quotes for everything from terraced homes to detached houses, and from studio flats in the heart of the city to beautiful bungalows in the heart of countryside, and you’ll have the option to choose a buildings insurance policy, a contents insurance policy or combined buildings and contents insurance.

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What is covered in buildings insurance?

Building insurance is a policy designed to cover your property from damages caused by insurable events. These insurable events typically encompass extreme weather events and natural disaster, as well as malicious man made damage such as vandalism. Your mortgage lender will require you to have building insurance on your property when you exchange contracts on a property.

Some of the common covers offered include the following:

  • Weather Damage – If your property is damaged or destroyed by a natural disaster such as flooding, storms, hurricanes, earthquakes, these costs will be covered under a building insurance policy.
  • Leaky Pipes – If you are considered to have a legal responsibility for the pipes in question, your building insurance will be able to cover these. For more information on if you will be covered, consult our leaky pipes guide. You can also potentially claim on a leaky roof depending on the cause. For more information, consult our leaky roof claims guide.
  • Structural damages – If there is an event which causes damage to the walls, roof and floors through no fault of your own, for example a falling tree, you will be able to claim on your building insurance.
  • Fire damage – If your property is damaged by fire, you will be able to claim the related damages through your building insurance policy. 
  • Vandalism – If your property is damaged by vandals or other malicious acts, your building insurance policy will be able to cover you.
What are the exclusions of building insurance?

General wear and tear such as worn out carpets, mouldy walls etc will not usually be covered under a standard building insurance policy. Damage due to poor maintenance, or poor upkeep and neglect will also usually be excluded from your cover. 

Your contents will not be automatically covered under a building insurance policy. Contents insurance can be chosen as an add-on extra to your main building insurance policy.

What does contents insurance cover?

Contents insurance covers the financial cost of replacing or repairing the particular contents of your home that belong to you, including your TV, media players, sound system, computers, home appliances, furniture, artwork, home furnishings and clothing.

Generally speaking your insurance provider should cover you if you something happens to your contents that was unforeseen and not your fault. As such, some or all of the following should be covered by your home insurance policy:

  • Water damage caused by broken pipes
  • Fire damage, provided the fire wasn’t due to your own negligence
  • Theft or burglary, provided the property was locked and secure at the time of the crime
  • Damage to your contents caused by flooding, storms or lightning strikes
How can I get cheaper building insurance?

The easiest way of getting cheaper building insurance for your property is to compare multiple quotes from multiple lenders. This will give you a clear idea of the prices available for your property insurance on the UK market.

Here are some practical steps for reducing your premiums and getting cheap building insurance.

  • Pay annually – Paying annually rather than monthly can help you avoid interest charges
  • Build a no claims bonus – Not having claimed on previous building insurance can open up generous discounts from most insurers
  • Compare multiple quotes – This is the easiest way of finding cheaper building insurance quickly.
How much insurance does a homeowner need?

The amount a homeowner is insured for is the maximum amount their insurance provider might pay out if the building and its contents are completely destroyed by an event that is covered by the policy. So the primary concern for the homeowner could be to make sure that this sum might actually cover the costs of rebuilding the home, and of replacing all of their possessions with new items. This is the main reason why new-for-old is usually superior to indemnity insurance in terms of the level of coverage it provides.

Note that some insurance providers offer a different kind of policy with levels of insurance, rather than basing the insured sum on a valuation or appraisal. This is also known as bedroom-rated cover, because the coverage level is typically determined by the size of the house, using the number of bedrooms it has as a guide. For example, a policy might automatically provide a maximum cover of £500,000 for the home and £50,000 for the contents. In this case, as with other kinds of home insurance, it’s still likely to be the homeowner’s responsibility to ensure that the policy limit is high enough to cover the cost of rebuilding and replacing.

For any given policy, there is typically a limit that applies to valuable items such as jewellery, art, and ornaments, and sometimes electronic equipment. If a homeowner’s standard policy doesn’t cover the value of their valuables, they may need to purchase extra insurance to make sure they’re fully protected.