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Compare insurance policies for your flat with Quotezone.co.uk

Home insurance for a flat is sometimes a little cheaper than a similar policy for a four-bed bungalow or a three-bed semi, particularly if you’re insuring a studio flat or a one bedroom flat, because smaller properties are usually cheaper to insure than larger homes.

flat insurance

Of course, the size of your property isn’t the only factor home insurance providers will use when calculating your premium, and there are sometimes other factors at play that might make the cost of your flat insurance higher than someone else might pay to insure a large house.

For instance, your postcode has the potential to affect your premium, because if your flat happens to be located in a high crime area there’s a greater likelihood you might be burgled than a homeowner with a large house in a small, leafy village.

Given how many factors insurance providers take into account when they’re calculating your flat insurance premium, the best plan is to compare quotes from a wide range of providers before you decide on which policy to go with.

And that’s where we come in:

Compare flat insurance quotes now

Why would studio flat insurance be cheaper than insuring a larger property?

It’s not a hard and fast rule, because insurance providers use a wide range of different variables when calculating your premium, but if all other factors were equal then studio flat insurance should be cheaper than insuring a large house because this type of flat would usually have a significantly lower rebuild cost.

Of course, all things aren’t necessarily equal, which means there may well be other variables that go into the insurance premium calculation that could end up pushing your premium up.

For instance, living in an area with a high crime rate, owning a property that’s located in a known flood zone, or living in an apartment complex that has experienced subsidence in the past could all result in higher insurance quotes.

Do I still need flat insurance if I’m the tenant?

It would still be a wise idea to take out insurance, but flat insurance for tenants will insure the contents of your flat rather than the flat itself – it would be your landlord’s obligation to insure the building.

And if you rent the flat on a furnished basis the landlord’s own contents would have to be covered by that same landlords insurance policy, because your own tenants’ insurance would only cover things that actually belong to you.

Is flat insurance cheaper if I don’t own the flat?

Yes, there’s a good chance it will be because you probably won’t need as much coverage if you don’t own the property.

Contents insurance is usually cheaper than combined buildings and contents insurance, and if you’re renting a relatively small flat then your flat insurance for tenants may well be cheaper still because you’re likely to have space for fewer belongings in a smaller property.

home insurance for a flat
Do I need building insurance for a leasehold flat?

Since all of the properties in a block of flats share the same piece of land they are often sold on a leasehold basis, and in many cases the freeholder will arrange for buildings insurance when flats are leasehold like this.

Of course, you’ll still need to take out contents insurance to protect the contents of your flat, and it might be worth looking into fixtures and fittings insurance as well, which can help to protect any new bathrooms, kitchens or other fixtures and fittings you might have installed since buying the flat, which often won’t be covered by the freeholder’s own buildings insurance policy.

How can I find the best deals on my flat insurance?

Some insurance providers offer home insurance deals to new policyholders, so rather than accepting your existing provider’s renewal quote you should shop around for new flat insurance quotes when your policy is up for renewal.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that some banks offer their account holders home insurance discounts when they sign up for a new policy, and a few even offer account holders free home insurance, so it’s worth checking with your bank before you compare flat insurance quotes from other providers.