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Many insurers may not provide cover for imports even if the import is a European version of a UK car, as it will have left hand drive.

What is different about import car insurance?

Security fittings can also be different on imported cars and if there have been modifications to the car it can be difficult to insure. This is due to replacement parts for foreign cars being more difficult to find in the UK, and therefore expensive to replace if they are damaged in an accident. Japanese import and USA import insurance are examples where issues can arise.

Is import car insurance always expensive?

It is worth shopping around for your imported car insurance, as some insurers can offer you better rates than others, and thats where Quotezone could help! We put you in touch with insurance providers who could offer a range of insurance services, including great deals on imported American cars, even those with left-hand drive.

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Quotezone could help take the hassle out of finding cheap Japanese import car insurance quotes by putting you in touch with a member of our panel of UK insurance providers.

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Import Car Insurance guide

It could be said that more recently there has been a sway in the motor marketplace towards purchasing a vehicle from overseas. This trend has typically seen vehicle buyers looking elsewhere to purchase their next car and moreover leaning towards importing their next new car. It could be said that this is in part driven by price as an imported car may be cheaper that a UK version and for the most part the potential higher specifications of import vehicles could mean that UK car owners are seeing more for their money on a car import.

Due to the increasing popularity of import cars it may be that the import procedures have improved, for instance when taking a car from Japan to the UK. However, there could be some important considerations to think over before going ahead and importing a vehicle. A person might start by evaluating the overall running costs of this type of vehicle and they may find that imported car insurance could be much higher than a regular vehicle.

When researching the pros and cons of buying an import car it could be possible to find that cheap import car insurance policies could be few and far between and that the potential purchase savings on an import car may be outweighed by the ongoing costs of import car insurance.

Finding the right import car policy however could mean that there are significant amounts to be saved via importing a vehicle so there may be lots to consider.

The cost of import car insurance

When buying a car from anywhere one of the primary concerns may be the price of insurance. This could be especially true when looking to import a vehicle for various different reasons.

With an imported car it could be much harder to source parts in the event of repairs or servicing. This could make the overall cost of repairs much more expensive than a UK vehicle and may contribute to higher premiums.

Due to the different specifications on overseas vehicles this could mean that they may be driven faster and therefore could raise the chances of an accident. This in turn increases the risks for insurers and therefore could impact the price of import car insurance.

Another factor may be that as imported vehicles could be built differently to a UK model such as it could be a left hand drive or have other differences. This type of thing could impact the price of the vehicle and therefore premiums and so could be worth being aware of.

Making sure of the terms and conditions could be the best way of getting the most appropriate policy.

What kinds of import car are there?

Purchasing a vehicle from overseas may seem like a cost effective option but this could depend on the type of import vehicle. It is generally speaking the case that the category which an import car falls into dictates the price of UK import car insurance. The two main types of import vehicles tend to be known as grey imports and parallel imports.

Grey imports

This kind of import car is generally constructed outside the European Union and on the whole doesn’t comply with EU standard. For instance a Japanese import might be considered a grey import. It could be that many insurers may refuse to insurance for a vehicle classed as a grey import or may only do so at a much higher price. A higher premium usually includes the anticipated price of parts if they were to be required at a later date.

Parallel Imports

This kind of import car may be manufactured inside the European Union. They may be easier to find import car insurance for as they tend to have the same vehicle standards like cars made in the UK. It could be more straightforward to find cheap import car insurance for a parallel import as insurance companies may be more familiar with insuring this kind of vehicle.

Finding a good deal on import car insurance

For those people interested in keeping costs down on their import car it could be vital that they compare import car insurance first in order to evaluate what deals are out there. It might be quite easy for costs to spiral quickly when importing a car which is where getting a range of quotes might be useful.

Using a comparison company to find a UK quote for import car insurance could be the most efficient way of finding specialist cover. It may be that not all insurance companies offer this kind of cover which may be another benefit of using a comparison service. They could identify the insurance companies that could help without the hassle of phoning up lots of companies one by one.

Saving money on importing a vehicle

Being up front about an import vehicle and the specification is likely to get the most accurate quote from import car insurers. It may be possible to keep costs down by opting for a model with a standard specification rather than a more sporty option. It may also be necessary to inform the insurance company about any vehicle modifications when looking for insurance quotes. Avoiding a vehicle with lots of changes and modifications could help to keep costs down. Paying a higher excess on an import car insurance policy could also help to keep insurance expenses lower and therefore be more affordable.