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Conveyancing of property can be expensive, and it’s not always easy to find the right service or solicitor to suit your needs. Quotezone are here to help with our directory of specialists. In order to help you with your decision we have listed a number of partners who specialise in this area. Conveyancing services comparison made that little bit easier.

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⚖️ LEGAL FEE: £250 to £1k
🏠 LEASEHOLD FEE: £100 to £500

Compare conveyancing quotes online at My House Legal Fees.
You can filter your search by price, location and by mortgage lender.

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compare conveyancing quotes

Are you buying, selling or remortgaging your property? You could save money by pricing around for your conveyancing service. Find a licensed conveyancer that is approved and authorised to work with your mortgage lender.

What is conveyancing?

Conveyancing involves the legal transfer of home ownership from the seller to the buyer and can take several forms such as sale-only conveyancing or purchase-only conveyancing.

Conveyancing can be handled by either a conveyancer or a solicitor. A conveyancer, registered with the Law Society, offers a wider range of legal services and is qualified to handle complex legal issues. On the other hand, a licensed conveyancer specializes in property and moving home legalities and is usually cheaper but can only handle conveyancing and property law. The choice between a conveyancer or solicitor depends on your situation, with a conveyancer handling the buying and selling process and a solicitor handling any legal issues arising from a complex property.

  • Conveyancer -  Will manage the buying and selling process of your property
  • Solicitor - Will manage any legal issues or disputes

Wherever you are buying or selling a house in the UK Quotezone could help you find a cheap conveyancing service online. Cheap conveyancing cost can be hard to find and that’s why Quotezone is here to help. Don’t just settle for the first quote you receive. Why not price around to help you find the best conveyancing price you can. Start comparing conveyancing costs online now.

What do Conveyancers do?

A conveyancer or solicitor handles all legal tasks involved in transferring property ownership from the seller to the buyer, including handling contracts, documents, local council searches, property searches, dealing with the Land Registry, transferring property payments, exchanging contracts, and providing legal advice. Solicitors will also manage any legal disputes or queries during the process where a conveyancer may not be able to assist.

The total process can typically take anywhere between 8-16 weeks from the initial offer to completion, with conveyancing typically taking 8-16 weeks. This includes conducting local council searches, property searches, dealing with the Land Registry, transferring property payments, and exchanging contracts.

What is a property survey? 

Before making an offer on a property, you can apply for a mortgage and provide your lender with an 'offer in principle'. However, a survey is required to ensure the property is worth what you are willing to pay. A survey is also important for your peace of mind, as it ensures there are no surprises about the structural state of the building. There are three types of surveys:

  • Valuation survey
  • Homebuyer's report
  • Full structural survey.

Valuation survey is the most basic option, suitable for remortgaging or buying a new build. It only provides an indication of the property's value and doesn't examine structural soundness.

Can I do my own conveyancing?

Conveyance is a complex process that can lead to mistakes, boundary disputes, and missed legal requirements during the transfer of ownership. That's why it is crucial to handle the process correctly and as accurately as possible to avoid potential lawsuits or delays with the transfer. Therefore, it is advisable to hire a solicitor or conveyancer when buying or selling a home, as this can help avoid potential legal issues and ensure a smoother transaction.