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Quotezone.co.uk has partnered with WeBuyAnyMotorbike.com to help you sell any type of motorcycle, from a 50cc moped to a 1000cc superbike.


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Want To Sell Your Moped Online Fast?: Sell Your Moped In Less Than 24 Hours

Looking to sell your moped online fast at the right price? We’ve teamed up with We Want Your Motorbike to provide you with a quick and simple service for selling your moped from the comfort of your own home. With thousands of motorbikes purchased across the UK in the last decade, We Want Your Motorbike is one of the largest and most trusted motorbike buying services in the UK.

Get a free valuation for your moped now

How do I get a free valuation for my moped online?

Firstly you’ll simply need to enter some basic details and your registration in order to receive a valuation with 24 hours. If the valuation sounds good to you then someone will be round to your address at a convenient time to collect the moped for free.

How does Sell My Motorbike work?

When you sell with Sell My Motorbike, there are a few simple steps for you to follow to get your moped sold in as little as 24 hours. Firstly you’ll need to fill in some details about your moped and that’s it…From there you’ll be sent a fair valuation within 24 hours. If you accept the valuation someone will be sent to your address at a time that’s convenient to collect the moped free of charge. They will quickly check the vehicle matches the given specifications and it’s condition is as described. If everything matches you’ll be paid on the spot into your account before the moped leaves your driveway.

  1. Enter your registration number and some basic details
  2. Get an offer within 24hrs
  3. Accept the valuation and someone will collect the bike from your nominated address free of charge
  4. Receive payment

And that’s it..no hidden fees or fuss….

Will I get the exact amount for my moped as stated in my valuation?

Absolutely, if the details given for the moped are accurate then you will be offered the exact amount stated in your valuation. No haggling down the price or hidden fees will happen anywhere throughout the process. Just simple, fast service from the comfort of your home.

How much is my moped worth?

As with other vehicles like cars, many moped will depreciate in value over time with many models loosing 50% of their original value over the first four years. However the good news is you can take some steps to effectively reduce the depreciation of your moped. For example if you remember to service your vehicle as well as maintain its condition you can still fetch a decent price when it comes time to sell. Below are a list of the main factors to consider when evaluating an online valuation for your moped.

  • The make and model – Some mopeds are simply worth more than other on the market, the brand and model will all factor into the vehicles desirability as well as the realistic price you’ll fetch. 
  • The condition – The present condition of your mopeds can make or break whether you get given a high offer or not. If your mopeds is new but in poor condition it will not hold up well against older models which are in better condition. By maintaining and servicing your moped and keeping record of any service details you can fetch a more handsome price when it comes time to sell.
  • The mileage – The more mileage on your moped the more your valuation is likely to be reduced. However this does not mean that you are guaranteed to be offered a low valuation. If your moped is in good condition and well serviced then the impact of a higher mileage on your valuation can be reduced. Mileage is a good indicator as to a mopeds age and so generally speaking an older moped is more likely to run into mechanical issues and require further work. 
  • Modifications – Whilst many moped owners opt to mod their moped and add extra features, many buyers prefer bikes which are as close to the factory original as possible. It’s recommended that you keep hold of all original parts and try to restore your bike as much as possible to the original before selling.
  • Service history – Keeping your moped regularly serviced and retaining record of this is a great way of retaining the value of your motorbike. Be sure to stay on top of servicing your bike and you will see the benefits when it comes time to get a valuation.
When do I get payment for my moped?

Once the valuation has been completed and you’ve accepted the amount offered for your moped you will be contacted on a convenient time to have someone check and collect it free of charge. Once this is completed and all the details check out you’ll be paid directly into your nominated account before the moped leaves your driveway.

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