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Compare cheap sports bike insurance – we search over 20 different UK insurance providers

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Quotezone sports bike insurance comparison

Shopping around used to mean contacting insurance providers individually, but now with Quotezone.co.uk you can compare motorbike insurance quotes from over 20 providers by filling in just 1 form!

Sports bikes, sometimes known as superbikes, are high performance motorbikes that are loved the world over by both competitive and casual riders. However with quality comes cost, and being involved in an accident can be an expensive set back, especially if you are paying out of your own pocket. With some high end sports bikes costing near £20000 pounds, you’ll want to be sure your covered against any unexpected damages and costs. That’s where Quotezone can help, by comparing multiple quotes from different lenders we make it easier for you to find the best sport bike insurance.

Looking for cheaper sports bike insurance?

A bike that is used for sports tends to be both high performing and subjected to numerous risks, potential damage and ultimately accidents. Whilst no sports person likes to think that a vehicle might become wrecked after driving it competitively it is nevertheless usually a possibility. Securing insurance for a sports bike could prove tricky especially if the competitor owning the bike doesn’t know where to look for suitable insurance.

Any bike that has been in an accident, had modifications to it or used in a professional capacity is perhaps more likely to attract high insurance premiums – a sports bike is probably likely to fulfil all these criteria which could prove very costly in terms of insurance cover. It may however be possible to purchase sports bike insurance that takes into account all these things already as the insurance company understands the nature and risks involved in owning a sports bike. It may be tricky to find an insurance provider and at first glance it might not seem possible to secure insurance for a sports bike. Knowing where to look by using a comparison company could to present results or quotes from insurance providers willing to offer cover.

To compare sports bike insurance could be simpler if conducted online as this is where initial details could be entered to bring up a range of quotes from insurance companies that offer sports bike insurance. Whether a person competes in their regional or if they travel throughout the UK and beyond to enter sports bike contests having a robust insurance policy could be a key concern. Investing in a sports bike could be costly and add to that an expensive insurance policy and it could prevent individuals from being involved in motorsports. A UK online comparison of sports bike insurance could open doors to securing the right cover at an affordable price.

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How much does sports bike insurance cost?

Sports bike insurance cost will be dependent on factors that are unique to you and your insurance requirements. These factors can be given a different weighting by different lenders and so their influence on your premiums can vary. Here are some common factors that influence your premiums.

  • The cost of your sports bike – The overall cost of your sports bike will have a large impact on the cost of repair and replacement. This means that insuring a more pricey bike will naturally be more expensive than insuring a cheaper model.
  • Where you live – Location can have a direct impact on your premiums as some areas have a greater chance of theft and traffic accidents.
  • Your level of coverage – The level of coverage you opt for will directly influence your premium costs. The more comprehensive the cover, the more expensive your premiums will tend to be.
  • Any additional add-ons – Any add-ons you decide to incorporate into your policy will be charged at an extra price on your insurance premium.
What are the benefits of sports bike insurance?

There are many benefits to having your sports bike insured, aside from needing it by law to legally drive in the UK it can also give you peace of mind. Ensuring you have the right level of coverage is crucial to making sure you get the most out of your insurance policy. In some instances you may be surprised to learn that comprehensive policies can actually be cheaper than third-party-only insurance. This is due to riskier drivers tending to opt for the cheapest policy possible, and insurers are aware of this. As a result some lenders may adjust their pricing to reflect this risk, so it’s always worth comparing all coverage options to check which options give you the most coverage as you may be surprised by the results. 

Many insurance policies offer the ability to customise your policy to your specific needs. This means you can choose add-ons to your core policy such as breakdown cover and lost keys insurance.