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How To Get Cheap Pet Insurance


Pet insurance

Taking out the right cover to protect our furry friends is a price many people are prepared to pay. However just because we all want to keep our pets safe doesn’t mean we need to pay an excessive amount.

How to get cheaper pet insurance

There are a few things you can do to reduce the cost of your pet insurance and there are unfortunately some things you won’t be able to change. Firstly it’s important to note that some factors which go into determining your premiums will be out of your control. For example the following factors will influence your pet insurance premiums.

  • The age of your pet – Older pets have a greater tendency to develop health conditions which can lead to insurance claims. Because of this, many insurers can refuse to insure a pet over a certain age as well as charging higher premiums on older pets.
  • Your pet’s breed – Regardless of whether you are looking to insure a dog, cat or parrot, some breeds can be more susceptible to injuries and other medical conditions due to genetics and hereditary traits. A classic example of this is dachshunds being prone to back issues due to an elongated spine.
  • Any pre-conditions your pet may have – If your pet has pre-conditions you may struggle to get it insured. This is because most insurers understand the risk of insuring a pet which already has a medical condition that makes a claim likely. However some insurers will allow you to insure a pet with certain pre-existing conditions for a higher premium charge.

Whilst these factors are undoubtedly important to your premium calculations there is unfortunately nothing much you can do to influence them.

Here are the factors you can influence however:
  1. The insurer you take a policy out with – This is perhaps the easiest way of ensuring you secure yourself a cheaper pet insurance quote. By comparing multiple insurers you are increasing your chances of finding the best insurance price for your pet.
  2. When you insure your pet – By insuring your pet earlier in its life you can reduce your premiums as the chances of it developing a health condition in the time you wish to insure it. This will keep your premiums lower than if you’re trying to take out a pre-existing condition policy.
  3. Opt for a higher deductible – By opting to pay a greater deductible in the event that you need to make a claim, you can effectively reduce your premiums. This is due to the fact that opting to pay a higher deductible means you’ll effectively be reducing the amount that an insurer will need to pay out.
  4. Bundle Insurance – If you own multiple pets then insurers will likely offer you a discount for insuring additional pets under one policy. For example a multi-dog Insurance policy can be an ideal option for covering multiple dogs under one insurance policy.
  5. Choose your coverage carefully – If you believe your pet is fit and healthy and the real danger of a claim being made is likely to be caused by accidental injury, then an accident-only policy may be a better option than a more comprehensive policy. A lifetime insurance policy on the other hand will impose fewer exclusions on what your pet can be covered for however it is important to know that this insurance policy will increase in price as your pet ages. Be sure to do your research on how to choose a pet insurance policy before committing to a policy.

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