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Compare agricultural quad bike insurance quotes from UK insurance providers

When working in agriculture it may be fairly common to have different types of machinery and vehicles to get different jobs done.

One such vehicle might be a quad bike that is used in and around an agricultural setting to access areas quickly. It could be the case that an agricultural quad bike is not used on the road and therefore doesn’t have tax and other trappings common for a vehicle used on the road. Whatever the use of the quad it could be useful for it to have agricultural quad bike insurance in order to protect it from theft or damage. Whether a quad bike is used on the road or not having cover in place could prove vital. For instance if the bike was stolen and there was no agricultural quad bike insurance policy then the owner would have to replace the bike at their own expense which may not be financially possible.

Finding insurance cover for a quad doesn’t have to be difficult. Owners could compare agricultural quad bike insurance by searching online for a range of quotes. These days it could be using a comparison that saves someone the most money when looking for an insurance policy. It could also save time, especially when considering an online search to find the best deal on UK agricultural quad bike insurance.

A quad bike is an important investment for any agricultural business and could be a vehicle that is used daily in a rural setting. It could be used to help speed up processes or make tasks easier for rural workers. As such a business owner could need to invest in quad cover to ensure operations run smoothly. Agricultural quad bike insurance could give peace of mind to UK farmers that if things go awry they may have the right protection in place.

How to register a quad bike for agricultural use

If you intend to use your quad bike for the sole purpose of agriculture, forestry and other such uses, you will need to register it with the DVLA and tax it as a ‘special concessionary class agricultural machine’. As a light agricultural vehicle weighing under 1000kg, it is zero rated. Your quad must be approved for road use before using a public road.

Who insures agricultural quad bikes

Whilst not all insurers will offer coverage to agricultural quad bikes, there are many specialists that do. Here at Quotezone we have compiled a wide panel of UK based insurers in order to make it easier to find the coverage you need. By comparing multiple insurers, you can increase your chances of finding the best insurer for you.

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