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Electric Scooter Insurance

Compare Electric Scooter Insurance

Electric scooters, sometimes known as e-scooter, have been been growing in popularity in the UK. With their increasing popularity however, there have been renewed calls to introduce greater regulations around their use. In general, it is illegal to ride a privately owned electric scooter on public roads, pavements, or cycle lanes. It is currently against the law in the UK to ride e-scooters on public land including parks, pavements, footpaths, and roads.

In all likelihood, the UK will realistically follow the example of other countries and legalise the use of electric scooter on public roads.

Even though there aren’t many E-scooters on public roads at the minute, they are still expensive and vulnerable to theft just like any other scooter. In fact with the average Electric scooter costing around £400 and the more expensive models pushing £2000. Whilst some may seek to get their Electric scooter covered under their home insurance policy, they are unlikely to cover you if your scooter is damaged or stolen beyond your house.

How much is electric scooter insurance?

The cost of electric scooter insurance will vary depending on a number of different factors, including the make and model of your scooter, your age, your driving history, and the level of coverage you choose. However, you can expect to pay between £10 and £30 per month for basic insurance.

How to get cheaper insurance for your electric scooter

There are a few things you can do to reduce your electric scooter insurance costs. Whilst coverage is typically determined on the type of electric scooter you are using, as well as your own insurance history, there are still some things that you can do to reduce the costs of your premiums.

  • Opt for higher excess – This may be unappealing to some, however if you opt for a higher excess amount you can effectively reduce the amount you need to spend on your premiums. The obvious drawback however is that you will need to pay more in excess if you do need to make a claim.
  • Consider your needs – If you are only interested in covering your scooter against theft for example, then it may help you to opt for a less comprehensive form of coverage. Naturally a more comprehensive policy will likely set you back more on your premium prices.
What levels of cover are available for scooter insurance?

Just as with car insurance, when you’re insuring a scooter you’ll have three levels of cover to choose:

Third party only (TPO) electric-scooter insurance – This is the minimum level of cover required by law in the UK, and as the name suggests it’s designed to protect third parties when you take to the roads.

Third party, fire and theft (TPFT) electric-scooter insurance – The middle ground option, this level of cover protects third parties but will also insure you against the risk of scooter theft or fire damage.

Fully comprehensive electric-scooter insurance – As the name suggests, this is the most comprehensive level of scooter insurance you can take out, and is the only type of policy that can cover the cost of repairing or replacing your own scooter if you are involved in an at-fault road accident.

Shopping around for cheaper insurance is also a very effective way of finding cheaper insurance, in fact it may be the best way. Since many insurers save their best offers for new customers as an incentive, loyal customers can in fact be disadvantaged if they allow their policy to auto-renew without comparing multiple quotes.

Personal injury

Whilst electric scooters are generally safe and usually don’t exceed a speed of 12mph, they can still cause fairly significant injury to both the user or third-parties. A good E-scooter insurance policy can help insure you against death, serious injury, disability. It may also cover you for emergency treatment and or physiotherapy.

What our experts say:

“You need to be aware that you can’t use them in public spaces unless via rental schemes.  Riders who buy or hire e-scooters and use them outside of any of the trial areas or on public roads could end up with a £300 fixed-penalty notice and six points on their driving licence – which could in turn push premiums up by 25%.”Greg Wilson, Founder of Quotezone.co.uk.

Comparing electric scooter insurance

Getting cheaper car insurance is likely a desirable outcome for many, especially factoring in the purchase price for most electric scooters to begin with. The easiest way of doing this is to compare quotes online, this allows you to quickly find the cheapest deals for you in one place – That’s where we can help.

Quotezone has compiled a large panel of over 25 UK scooter insurers, making it easy for you to find cheaper coverage for your E-scooter. Simply fill in basic details about your scooter and start comparing the best insurance options for you.

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