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Pregnancy Travel Insurance

Compare Travel Insurance for Pregnancy

If you have a baby on the way you may find that you feel a sudden, uncontrollable urge to take to the skies…because, let’s face it, unless you are very wealthy you will find it much, much harder to live the jetsetter lifestyle when you have a bundle of joy in tow.

Travel insurance could be hugely beneficial if you’re planning to travel while pregnant, though, because not only will it give you peace of mind to know you’ll be covered if your airline loses your suitcase full of maternity clothes or your hotel is flattened by a storm moments before you arrive, but the best travel insurance policies could also pay for medical treatment if you encounter pregnancy complications while you’re overseas.

Some policies might also cover some or all of the medical expenses you could incur if you go into labour early, which could prove particularly reassuring given the fact that it costs on average $3,500 to give birth in the USA or ZAR45,000 to give birth in South Africa.

Finding the best travel insurance for your trip

Since there is a higher likelihood that you might need some form of medical treatment during the course of your pregnancy it might not make sense to immediately opt for the cheapest travel insurance policy.

Your level of cover, exclusions and excess can vary considerably from provider to provider, so it would be smarter to shop around and compare both the premiums you’re quoted and the details of the cover you’re offered before deciding on which travel cover to choose.

Compare travel insurance quotes now

Is pregnancy classed as a pre-existing medical condition for travel insurance?

Although you should definitely consider taking out travel insurance if you’re planning to travel while pregnant, one thing you probably won’t need is specialist medical travel insurance.

This type of holiday cover is designed for travellers with pre-existing medical conditions, and usually attracts higher insurance premiums to reflect the higher risk the traveller’s condition represents to the insurer.

Since pregnancy is not classed as a pre-existing medical condition, most pregnant travellers can forego those higher prices and instead opt for a relatively cheap travel insurance policy that offers them a suitable level of cover at a more reasonable price.

Is it risky to travel while pregnant?

Medical practitioners generally agree that travelling while pregnant is low risk, and if you are less than 6 months pregnant your travel insurance probably won’t be any more expensive than it would be if you weren’t pregnant.

Of course, if you have been experiencing a particularly complicated pregnancy it is possible that your own doctor might advise you not to travel, in which case it would be best to accept his or her recommendation.

It also might not be advisable to travel overseas during the final few months of your pregnancy, because some travel insurance companies will refuse to offer pregnancy travel insurance if you are more than 28 weeks pregnant due to the increased risk that you might go into labour abroad.

Do I need to declare that I’m pregnant when taking out travel insurance?

Since pregnancy is not classed as a pre-existing medical condition you don’t usually have to declare your pregnancy to your insurer unless you are more than 28 weeks pregnant.

However, you will usually have to declare any other pre-existing medical conditions that may have arisen as a direct result of your pregnancy, even if you are less than 6 months pregnant.

Will my travel insurance company need a doctor’s note if I’m pregnant?

Many holiday insurance companies will not require a doctor’s note if you’re pregnant unless you are in the final trimester or have experienced pregnancy complications.

However, it might still be worth getting a doctor’s note in any case, because some airlines may refuse to let you travel without this if they realise you are travelling while pregnant.

Can I forego travel insurance if I’m pregnant?

No one is obliged to take out insurance to cover their vacation, and around 24% of travellers set off on holiday without any kind of holiday insurance, according to ABTA.

The same is true for pregnant women – they are under no obligation to take out travel cover if they plan to set off for a well-earned holiday before they give birth.

However, because there is an increased risk of medical complications during pregnancy, there is also a greater likelihood that you might require some sort of medical treatment while you’re abroad.

If you are nearing the end of your pregnancy there is also a risk that you could go into labour while you’re overseas.

If your trip is confined to the European Economic Area then you might feel that those risks don’t pose a problem (provided you’re carrying your European Health Insurance Card, of course).

In that case you might decide to join the 24% of British travellers that forego travel insurance, and cover the cost of lost luggage or missed flights yourself if something like that happens.

If you’re planning to venture beyond Europe, though, it is possible you could be expected to cover the cost of medical treatment yourself if you encounter pregnancy complications or go into labour early.

In those cases you might be wise to look into finding the best travel insurance for your trip, even though you’re not obliged to do so.