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What is small business insurance?

A good business insurance policy will provide you with the protection you need against a whole range of unexpected financial losses, such as legal claims, theft, or property damage.

Whilst some small business owners may feel they don’t need a thorough business insurance policy, the truth is even small businesses need it. By insuring the crucial areas of your business, you can avoid serious financial losses should something go wrong for your business further down the line.

Employers liability insurance

If your business has employees, then you will be legally required to have employer liability coverage in place to cover injury and illness to your workers as a result of working for you. Typically, employer liability insurance will be included in a comprehensive business insurance policy.

What does small business insurance include?

  • Employers liability insurance – This is a legal requirement for all employers in the UK. It is designed to ensure that businesses can cover any claims made by employees for injury or illness whilst working for you.
  • Professional indemnity – This will give you coverage against claims made for damages or injury as a result of your business’s services.
  • Public liability insurance – This will cover you against liability claims from members of the public as a result of injury or illness.
  • Motor insurance – Motor insurance is a legal requirement if your business owns any cars, vans and vehicles that are used for business purposes.
  • Business interruption insurance – If your business is disrupted due to insurable events such as flooding, fires for example, then a business interruption insurance policy can keep you from falling out of pocket.
  • Building and content insurance – This will insure the building, or buildings, that your business operates from. A contents insurance policy will cover the contents of the building such as furniture, fixtures and some equipment.

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